Friday, December 31, 2010

 And welcome back! here it is, the second caption series I promised for you all. And this one is for a wonderful caption author Trisha. ^_^ if you haven't read any of her work, but love sissy's, then you have been missing out on some of the best sissy caps on the web!

I was inspired to do this caption for her after one night of reading and commenting on her blog. I just love sissy caps, but for some reason have not made very many. well, i was going to fix that and Trisha was one of my first vic... umm, chosen recipients for the sissy treatment. *giggle*

I really enjoyed how this one came out, and that's great to me because Trisha also wrote one of, if not the best forced fem story I've read. the series All or nothing. I've read and re-read that story many times and it captures many elements I love. So I hope I've done the same for her with this little tale. ^_^

 as for the actual story in the cap, We may never know the real back story as to how and why Trisha end's up the way she does. but it doesn't matter in the end, it doesn't matter for any of the sissy's at pink bottoms. With out even knowing it, I made a sissy universe when I finished this caption and another soon (couple of weeks, maybe next week) to be posted sissy cap. I hope you all enjoy this one. ^_^

Also, check out Trisha's blog link in the little ticker tape to the left of this post. you won't regret it. unless you don't want to end up like a simpering sissy. *giggle*

 Hey! hope your having a happy new year's eve! if not, well I have a couple of series to post for the year end blow out that Might just be the thing you need. *giggle* First up, is my third and last (for now) caption series for Smitty. If you don't know Smitty and his work, you can find his blog in the little blog link ticker tape to the left of this post. and if you enjoy his work, head on over to the haven and think about donating a little, he has a reward offer that can't be missed!

Now on to the caption. This was the last one I made in the set of 3 I wrote up for him. The first was The appointment, which you can find 1 post down. (or is that two?) and I tried to emulate his style of caption's with my own little story. the second one, good'ol time. which can be found just below this post, was my attempt at taking his Smitty character and crafting a story around him.

This time it's all me! ^_^ I put Smitty in one of my own story's with my own brand of story telling. the puns in the caption were fun to make, but I also know Smitty enjoys things like that, so I worked them into the story. not many and it's not really all that funny, but I hope it's hot! *giggle* enjoy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last time I tried to emulate the style of your captions, this time I tried my hand at.. you! I tried to use your Smitty character/persona in a single cap. I'm not sure if I got the exact tone, I just tried to make him a little irritating and aggravating to your transformed slut's situation.  *giggle* That's halve the fun after all. ^_^ Hope you like it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

 I am getting a little busy over here, so I can't make a long winded post yet. But I hope you all enjoy this Blog Exclusive Caption series. ^_^

I wanted to make a "Smitty"  Cap, something that tried to capture the humor and tone of your story's. So I began with the premise that you are now a girl for what ever reason and you go to the doctor to fix it.  which it then slowly becomes the beginning of a porno.

Hah! I loved that idea, so I went straight to work on it. I hope you like your Appointment! ^_^

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Masked motives

WOO!! sorry I have not been posting much, but I think you might be excited to hear I have over 50 new caps to show for it! yay! And I can now start using them for a great cause, Rachel's haven is falling on some hard times and our asking kind an generous  to help them this holiday season. If your a member and you love the people, posts, captions, trades, role plays, gallery, and so much more that the haven has to offer, please see what you can do to help the forum see another year.

The point of all that? There's an offer going on right now at the haven, if you donate as little as 10 dollars you will receive not just a caption from me, but also Petra! the more you donate the more you receive. you can star in your very own caption series and help out a great community all at once! Me and another Member from the haven, the lovely Petra, are offering our services to cap anyone that donates during this offer, just follow the link for more information!

I'll update this post with more info for the caption. been a little busy today, but I had a lot of fun with this one. I made it for the lovely Caitlyn masked who runs her own blog that can be found in my little ticker tap of blogs on the left side. ^_^ This was my attempt of a page out of a tg romance novel.  I like to think this is the fist tine caitlyn really came to life  and is letting her take control of the situation.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Saved this picture a loooong time ago. you can tell just by looking at it it's pretty unique. The leash, the naked woman on some bridge,the fact it looks like she's been out in the rain and running through the mud. the whole thing just screamed desperation!

Of course, At the time I had no idea what to do with it. I just had to have it in case I could cap it latter or give it to someone that needed it themselves. So, I forgot about it, it got buried among all the other pics I saved since then.

It was then I looked over a haven members Pref's folder and found she was big into a crushing humiliating Transformation that left her the other persons play thing. Now THAT I could do! :D

First things first though, I had to find a picture to use for her. Instead of looking for something new, I decided I should give my stash a once over and see if there was anything I could use for it. that's when I saw this picture again and the whole story started to unfold.

I knew I wanted 3 things before I started to write the caption. 1 she was going to end up a airhead bimbo. 2 She was going to be a slave also, and 3. I really wanted to make her say, 'I don't want to be candy'

It all worked out remarkably well I think, as I started the story I wanted her trying to escape, that's how I felt about the pic when I first saw it. and that's how I still felt about it. She should be frustrated, angry, and scared. So It was pretty fun writing the outbursts she would have, trying to picture exactly what she would say to this or that situation. which, coming up with situations was pretty fun too. I'm really happy I added that his friends from high school were also caught and changed into submissive toys for the evil nerd. it added to that soul crushing hopelessness that the person wanted in a caption. At least, I think it did.  the bit about her liking it and feeling free comes from a bit of my own experiences with submitting to someone, and the fact she was being fashioned into a bimbo.

I was so happy when I finally got to the end and got to keep the line 'I don't want to be candy'. it kind of leaves the readers to fill in what happens after ward's and plus, you can just imagine the conversations she was having with her former friends and the nerd he used to beat up, right before she tried to escape. I bet it was some heavy humiliation!

I hope you all enjoy! ^_^

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just like that

Well, I know I've been just a little behind in updating the blog. but there's good reason for that! ^_^ I recently had a human error with my laptop, *cough*dropped it*cough* So I had to start fresh until I  get it fixed.

But there's good news! I've been capping like crazy on this older laptop and got over 20 caps just waiting to post. But, It sort of depends on how well my Give-a-way on the haven goes... Happy holiday's 3 for 2 give-a-way

 it's off to a slow, but great start so far! and  I still have the caps to give out even if no one else joins in. ^_^

P.S. And no, they aren't pre-made caps where I just switch out your names. every single one has been made from the ground up just for you, if you so deiced to enter the good will spreading promotion. :D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Help your self

This was a first for me since I worked on the ending first, then set up the beginning once I was done. I think the end could almost work by it self but the first part is fun too.  Please Enjoy! ^_^

 I noticed a  few typos, but I can't get to the original copy at the moment. ugh

Thursday, November 25, 2010

That's an A+

How about a little Magic dress fun after that thanksgiving dinner?

Edit: I thought I would try my hand at going into a little more in depth with the creative process. I chose this one in particular as the first guinea pig, because I actually wrote up two captions for this one picture!

I had seen the picture first in Kaitlyn's two for one deal she had going, I noticed she had put up some new pics to chose from.  there was this single bondage picture that just stuck out to me and I had the story instantly! A cross dressing tale staring a brother and sister, with the brother set to take the fall, hard!  I asked her if I could have it and it was off I go to write it up.

the story came out very smoothly, It was something I was pretty proud of once I gave it another once over. but that's when I remembered, kaitlyn didn't like cross dressing captions.. opps!

So it was back to the drawing board, I didn't scrap the other story instead I kept it for latter. I still had to use this picture for Kaitlyn's 2 for 1 deal some how. But the method had to change, something magical I guessed.  The dress really stuck out to me, so I went with that as the reason he was changed, I read plenty of cursed clothing TF's way back when, but never made many caps that featured it. A little reworking of the original plot and I ended up with the little brother again, getting him self tied up by a burglar and the sister being the only one narrating the story. just like the first tale, but this time the sister is a witch in training and the brother is a little bit on the kinky side.

I liked how the sister interacted with her brother like this, putting stuff together in her head, as he squirms against his bonds. I wanted to keep it playful but still stimulating, so I put the camera bit at the end for a little bit of humiliation fun.  all in all, It turned out to be a nice caption. both of them!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Well, I had some more Laptop issue's over the weekend, but I have things settled for now. And I was still able to make this fun little doozy! ^_^

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

trail and error

 so here's an extra caption for the week, since It's my birthday today. :D It's not a forced tale or anything, But it's good to switch things up. I know not everyone enjoys that sort of thing, and I've made a couple that were pretty fun to make. This was a nice one. ^_^

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here's a caption I did for Shauna Marie. I was inspired too do something like this as I stared at K@t's candy artwork all day. *giggle* I hope I got across that she is basically an Airhead by now,  It's kinda like she just put what ever was popping into her head down on the paper.

Friday, November 12, 2010

 Had a lot of fun working on this 1940's style cap. Hope you all enjoy It. ^_^

Friday, November 5, 2010

 I'm pleased how the story in this one turned out. I made this the other day for my good Friend Alexia, for her birthday. I hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Friday, October 29, 2010

 this is a dark tale I made for Smitty in honor of all hallows eve coming this Sunday!

this can be seen more of a tale of horror then just a erotic story of a man in a woman's body. I've seen people use these subjects before, and understandably dance around them. But this is a story of a rapist finding him self in hell for his sins and what he experiences while trapped. please read with that in mind.

stick around for the ending!

Friday, October 22, 2010

this was LOADS of fun to make! I just edited my post, because I felt it dosen't play up as much fun I had making it.  ^_^

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sealing the deal

this was to be the first animated gif caption I ever made. but unfortunately, I could not figure out how to add a gif to the caption. I had a very nice person help me fix it, but when they sent it to me. it was just a jpg. Oh well, here's the caption anyway. ^_^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's a request caption for my good friend Cindy, Also known as Venatus. She runs a blog of her own and can be found in my links to the left there. I hope you all enjoy. ^_^

 Hey all! Done up a new series tonight. I just happened across this set when I found out the name of the porn star in them. The story just kinda fell into place so I went ahead and wrote it up.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it up.

Oh, and this isn't a request caption, But if you want one of those just follow the blog posts rule's down below. ^_^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm sorry it took so long to get this one up. But I had a hard time finding just the right picture, and I was a little busy in other places today.

I hope you do like this one, I took suggestion for mind changes as something like brain washing. if it's not what your looking for you can let me know. But I do still think your in there.. somewhere.. *giggle*

plus, he's speaking in English as well, so he can hear your broken English. sort of like rubbing salt in a wound. Heheh

Monday, October 11, 2010

Here's a sequel too Amy's request cap. she went the extra mile and commented 5 more times. not all Caps lend them self's well to a series, or even just a follow up.  so please remember that when Requesting a caption. ^_^

the caption is wrote in the style of a blog post, I hope I got that feeling right.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The next time you let your girlfriend do your hair, just think... What if?

Here's my first Caption request, I tried to play up lots of kinks in this one And I hope it's what you were looking for. ^_^ I like the setting, and the last little bit might be enough that I would revisit in a another caption.

And if you like dark, forced, and humiliating captions as much as I do. you should check out Smitty's wonderful blog featured on the left of the screen. ^_^

Request a caption!

Hey! For now things are settled down, and I still feel like capping. And when I get the time, I would like to reward my blog followers with the chance to request a caption. but there's a small catch.

Since I have over a 100 people, I want to be able to deal with the possibility of floods of requests. Even from people who have never commented on my blog or talked to me once, but still reads my captions.

So, All you have to do in order to put in a caption request, Is comment on at least 10 captions on this blog. Once you have done that, reply to this post here and stat your Request. Simple!

Don't be afraid to search through my archive and find one you really like and wish to comment on. and it's not a deal breaker, but I would like to hear what you liked about the caps you comment on. It could help me when I make your request.

Please try to keep them in the theme of this blog, but I am no stranger too willing and various other Tf''s. I just find it much easier to work with in the darker story lines.

To repeat, Just comment on 10 caps and reply too this post and tell me what you want in a caption. More then likely it will be a one shot.

Hey everyone. My mom had to stay over night in the hospital last night. She's ok now, but the clot was getting bigger and they wanted to keep an eye on her. She has more tests tomorrow, but for now she's resting. Still in pain though.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes and prayers once again.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hey, I wanted to take this time and explain what will happen with the blog at this time. Even though time might be more sparse for me, I will still post captions. mostly it will be back to the once a week schedule since I'm not running any sort of special event or anything. There won't be any more Halloween caps unless it strikes me.

and That's mostly because I can't guarantee that I will be able to cap one, even 2 caps at a time to make sure I make the daily dead line. When I started I had no problem, and even made it a whole week and have one or two more ideas involving Halloween caps.

I thank you all for being understanding, and sometime this week I will announce my other idea I had. It's something that can be done at a more leisurely pace, but I know you will love it. ^_^

An Emergency

Hello everyone, I wasn't able to get to the Halloween Caption today. last night we had a bit of an emergency as me and my family had to take my mom to the hospital. she pulled a muscle from her stomach right above the appendix, and a blood clot formed in the tear. She's ok, but in a lot of pain. SO I'm afraid I can't guarantee that a Halloween themed caption will be posted every day. Instead I have a new Idea that I will announce soon. I'm sure you will all love it! ^_^

your prayers and well wishes would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just don't

Hey! I got a mummy in here. Sort of anyway. ^_^

It may not look like it, but This was an attempt at less is more story telling. I think you will get the idea when you read it, but it still looks like a lot of text. heh Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So here's the 5th cap for the month. I'm hoping out of 31 caps for this month, that some of my followers will really get a kick out of one or two. This one is sweeter then the other four, enjoy. ^_^

Monday, October 4, 2010

my name Carolyn

A little bit of Asian flavor for the 4th day into the Halloween Caption trek. I hope everyone out there is enjoying it and is putting you into the Halloween spirit! ^_^

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I made this cap for the talented Smitty who run's her on blog located in my links section to the left of this post. 3 days down so far! ^_^ Hope you are all enjoying it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hey! It's day two of the Halloween Celebration! This one has a dual narrative going on sort of. and yes the first two caps I made could be more Halloween themed, but I am only getting started! ^_^