Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Im not Adickted

And I DID IT! WOO! ^_^ 31 day's of straight posting! I think I'm gonna have to take a small break and return to a some what bi-weekly posting schedule.

I know that I posted two older one's the last two days, but today's is brand new! heck, I think I posted more new caps back to back this month, then any other month since I've been running this blog. ^_^

Last nights films were all 3 poltergeist films, and the monster squad! Bringing the total of movie's I've watched so far, well over 31. yay! Tonight's films will be, Halloween, (the original) Paranormal activity 3, cabin in the woods, and final destination 5. woo, all new one's to me except for Halloween, which is a yearly tradition at my house.

Today's cap is based in Smitty's xxtacy universe. I've dabbled in it once or twice before, and when smitty should me this set of photos, we both had the same idea. Marijuana laced with xxtacy! He had a slightly different idea on where he would take that idea, and I would love to see it play out. But, I had a great time going over the pro's and con's of mixing your drug's of choice. *giggle*

Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here's a few horror web comics to get you all in the mood. split lipfalse positive, Face all red. I hope everyone has a good holiday. ^_^

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That Feminine side

WOO! Just one more day. ^_^ Hope everyone has been enjoying the daily posts and of course the Halloween season. I hope you all have a good one, and I'll be seeing you tomorrow with the final post for the month!

Last night's movie was the horror classic, The creature from the black lagoon! Haven't seen it in a long time, but I'm still dazzled with what they were able to pull off for the creatures design. The acting was ok in some parts, But the creature of course steals the show!

Monday, October 29, 2012

 Sorry this one is going up a bit late today, I've been kind of busy around here. But, Here it is! ^_^ Just a couple of more days and I will have posted for a full month straight! woo!

This cap is an older one from me, but still not so old that it's MS paint! So I hope it's a little eaiser on the eyes. Though it's still before I got better at my layouts.

 Last nights flick was
cujo and Christine. Both of them were playing on amc, so I sat down and watched them. ^_^

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Change your mind

This was such a fun cap to write. And the situation played a part in that, but it was the girl in the photo that put it over the top for me! I really enjoyed using a attractive crossdresser in a photo, instead of passing a real girl off as a man in drag. that's fun too, but It's nice to inject a bit more realism into this.

Last nights film was going to be Repo the genetic opera, but My blu ray wouldn't play. :( And then I was going to watch comedy of terrors with Vincent price, a horror comedy in case you didn't get that from the title. but netflix kept freezing at one point in the movie.

I finally decided to watch arsenic and old lace, a old horror comedy that is funnier then most films today. the subject matter is dark, but the performances and situations that unfold is just hilarious!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I've been waiting to put this one up for a couple of days! But things have been pretty busy, So I haven't had a lot of time to check out the haven and post it. And I really would like to check out a cap incognito left me in my trade folder. I'll get to it though!

Last nights film was the Friday the 13th remake. It had the kills you expect, but it felt kind of off. I think it was the fact they had Jason running around under tunnels and kidnapping a girl. It felt un-jason like. Freddy was a little more spot on in his remake, but I think Jason's nailed it a little better.

Friday, October 26, 2012

This is a quickie, and I wished I could have found a different pose for this picture. But, I couldn't find a similar posed pic. I hope the intent of the caption comes through though. ^_^

Last nights flick was the gate. A old 80's horror flick that I haven't seen in years! It's pretty good, and I like that the film had the balls to do such awful things to the 3 kids in the flick, but.. They could have acted it out just a bit better.

I also didn't like how some of the plot elements unfolded, but it was 80's cheese, so I can't complain too much. Some times that's fun!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rubbing it in

Yep! For all of you hentai fans out there I have another treat for you today! ^_^ I think it's one of my best in this type of cap, and It's even based on one of my favorite TF methods. I just haven't found a lot of pics that allowed me to cap it very often.

A lot of you probably recognize the art style, and since I actually know the name of how made the image, I felt I should give credit where credit is due. It's from a fabulous artist who goes by the name kami tora. I've linked to a fan site of his, since I don't know what his real sites url is. or if he has one. hope he doesn't mind me using it like this. ^_^

And last nights film was puppet master 2. A great addition to the series, although it does look like it was filmed like a direct to video movie. But, The acting, props, sets, and story were all well above a normal 90's direct to dvd movie.

I also finished off the amnesia Game. That's right, it's one week away from Halloween and things are getting serious!  This game kept me on edge for the most part, but I only jumped once near the end. I loved the game, but dead space had me jumping plenty! I also had the gun up the entire time and inched my way around every corner. Too bad I lost that feeling in dead space 2. :(

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cruel to be kind

Today's caption was made for a friend of mine, Miss Elsa. She had wanted to see me not only make a cap that featured me and her, but also a sort of follow up to one of my other caps.

I think I did OK, but I couldn't really say much of anything new and try to expand on the idea's presented in the first caption. So, instead I just tried to tell the story from the other side of the coin.

Last nights movie is a true classic and one of my top 5 horror movies. The thing! John carpenter's version, of course. I haven't seen the remake, but what i have seen of it just makes me sick. I really, REALLY hate when ever I see that lame cgi stuff they tried to work in to the film. The carpenter flick still looks a 100 times better then any of that!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just like a man

It's a quickie, But I just couldn't pass up capping this once the inspiration hit me. You can find the unedited image here at Dee's blog. She has a bit of a caption challenge going, and I think I'm the first one to cook something up. ^_^

Last nights movie was Don't be afraid of the dark. It was an OK movie, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the set pieces. Some of them were really striking, especially the scenes with the garden and the bright orange leaves on the dark green grass. But, It felt like the tone of the story was all over the place. Like they couldn't deiced if this was a children's horror movie, or an adult horror movie. I would have enjoyed it more if they just decided which one it was, and stuck to that.

Monday, October 22, 2012

every 8 seconds

This was a cap I did for Martha's  birthday, It started out more complex then it ended up being. I was going to have her have a completely new life that she would have to adjust to and all of the humiliation that provides. But, as I looked and looked around for a picture to click, I just felt more like giving her a cap that featured a blowjob. *laugh*

That's not to say that the story I did come up with couldn't be expanded and become something MORE then it is right now. I think it's a pretty fun idea, it's just a really simple telling of that idea.

Last nights film was Bubba ho-tep. Not scary in the least, but a very fun and strange story. If you are a fan of something different, or just a fan of Bruce Campbell, you should check it out. Also, if you're a fan of seeing elvis in a retirement home, teaming up with a black JFK, fighting an old mummy that swallows souls from any orifice he can. well.. I''m afraid this is the only movie out there for you. So enjoy!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I don't know what I was really thinking with this one. I saw the picture, had an idea, and about 3, 5 minutes later I was finished. It's quick, it's simple.

I don't know how many of my readers enjoy hentai caps, But I thought I would give those that do, a bit of a treat by trying to make one or two, here and there.

Last nights horror movie was Friday the 13th part two. I love the movies and I have loved watching them every year since I don't know when. But I can't wait till my HDMI replacement cable comes in and I can watch something I haven't seen a 100 times.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I made this one for Smitty, But I didn't get to add his name to it. Still, he picked up on where most of the inspiration for the story came from. It's a 3 part cap that's a bit more XXX rated then some of my recent work And It felt good to dip back into that sort of thing.

Oh, and I took a chance on using a different font. I normally don't do that, as I'm worried that someone might not be able to read what's on the page. But Smitty looked it over and didn't say that it was difficult, so I hope it's true for everyone reading. ^_^

Last nights movie was the original house on haunted hill with Vincent price.  It's not scary by today's standards, But It's got a wonderful cast and a good haunted house story. It's hard for me to say if I like this one more or the remake, they are basically two different movies entirely. I like them both. (and yes, I saw the original before the remake.)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Today's caption is brought to you by, Smitty. He gave me this picture the other day and thought I could do something with it. I let it set for a bit, mulling it over till an idea clicked. Let's hope he was right! ^_^

And last nights movies were hellraiser, and clue! I'm a big fan of the first two hellraiser flicks, but past them, and it just becomes a slasher flick. Well, 5 is ok.

Clue is just insane at how well they pulled this movie off. It's based off of a board game! But it's a so funny and it still some how retains the spirit of the game with out forcing it in unnaturally into the story. I loved their take on each character and even the one's they added. (and who doesn't like a hot french maid and Tim curry as a snarky butler? ) And in case anyone was wondering which ending i watched. All of them were the murder!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This caption is a first for me in a couple of ways. Not only is it my first cowgirl, but it's also my first magical object caption. If you exclude my work in the alpha male universe created by Trisha.

It's a different caption and I have no idea how well it will be received, but I tried to bring my own little flair to it and I'm pretty happy with it. I really liked how it looks visually too. I was a little iffy on what colors I should use, but with the pic being a drawing, it's really eye catching!

Last nights movie was nightmare on elm street 3, the dream warriors. Besides the first one, it's one of my favorite in the nightmare series, and it includes my favorite Freddy kill! Can you guess what is it?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Because I can

Wha? A four part cap series? I must have stayed up a little later then usual to get this one done.. Oh wait, yeah, I did do that!

I thought this one would have been easy to just write up, but once I found all of these pics and the idea came to me, It just didn't feel right to limit everything to one or two panels. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty fun and a little darker then I was originally shooting for with this sort of theme, But, oh well!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's been a long time since I've done a hentai cap, and woo! I think this one was worth the wait. ^_^ And I hope it's worth the wait for who it's for, NathanX over at the haven. She's a follower for my blog and I'm trying to work through my cap debt now, so if you are reading this post, I hope you like it!

I didn't get to watch a horror movie last night, But I watched 2 horror themed shows and two horror movies the night before, so I think I'm OK. ^_^

Monday, October 15, 2012

OK, This cap took a life of it's own and I suddenly wanted to make something very sensual and cerebral. I wanted something that would strike a chord and make you think, yes! I want this! Something that felt a little closer to how it could unfold for a real couple.

Of course, I did have to give it some sort of ending that felt right for all of the build up. There's lots of details and stuff I wanted to touch on but skipped just to keep the story on track. Which also means I had to pick and choose what I did end up putting into the cap, and I hope I chose right.

So, if you have a chance, please leave a comment and tell me if you enjoyed this sort of caption from me. I love them, but I feel like I could do so much better. Not that this one is bad in my eyes.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

push up bro

Me and smitty were discussing caps last night and I got on to the subject of idea's that spark a caption, but never actually make it into the final piece. This cap is the result of one of the idea's I had, but was ultimately left out of the finished cap.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I wish I could have made this into a sissy pet caption. I probably still could, since as I was posting this I actually had an idea for a scene like that. *sigh*

Oh well, My first idea for this picture is what you see here. Was trying to go for a gut punch, but to me I might have fallen short of not only that, but the squirm. Still, I'm happy to have a new cap and hope someone out there enjoys it. ^_^

Friday, October 12, 2012

She has a point

Today's caption stars non other then, Smitty! He's been on a bit of a roll lately and quite a few of the recent caps he's made have either started me, or had a guest appearance.

I've been wanting to return the favor for a while, but nothing seemed to click until last night. It's just a single cap, but I think he will enjoy it. And I'm hoping all of you enjoy it too! ^_^

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Screwed either way

Recently I asked my reader's to tell me what they thought was going on in this caption. I got a lot of varied and fun answers from it.

Today's caption is based on kyra hyde's own interpretation of that story. It's not a continuation, but just inspired by her thoughts of it. I hope you like it! ^_^

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sissy tricks

I had planed on doing something else for today, But I suddenly got the urge to just do a Halloween cap. It's just a bit of fun and not one of my best. I like it because it draw's on a fun fantasy relationship dynamic that I think many of us would get a kick out of. I know I would!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This one is going up a little late, but I'm still on track for a horror movie a day and a post a day. WOO! If this goes over well, I might do it again next year.

I know not every one of these is Halloween related. But, I still like to celebrate the season and get everyone in the mood for the holiday. I will be posting more Halloween related caps soon, But I didn't want to burn people out and just flood everything with Halloween themed caps. I think this works well for everyone and I hope you are all enjoying the recent updates. ^_^

Monday, October 8, 2012

This is a very straight forward cap that I made a here while back. It was during a huge cap spree I had and I was just writing and seeing any story through. It's not my best, but I liked it for what it was.
Check out the full post if you want to hear more about horror movie checklist I got going on.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just relax

This is an insanely simple cap. I feel a little guilty for even using this one for today's post. So, what if we play a little bit of a game with it?

Ok, the rule's are simple, just describe what you think is going on in the caption. What game are they playing? is it magic, hypnosis? Willing or unwilling?

I have my own thoughts about it, but I made this caption to just give the reader enough to draw their own conclusions.

And now my Halloween movie list is up to 8! yep, I watched two horror movies last night. Still need to watch tonight's.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Slave auction

Another oldie, but yet another post for Halloween! For those just tuning in, I plan to post one cap for every in October.

I will be posting a newer cap tomorrow, But I do still need to post some of these old caps. And I think they still offer something to enjoy. ^_^

Oh, and those of you that have mobile devices, I've turned on mobile viewing. Thank you to kyra hyde for suggesting it! ^_^

Friday, October 5, 2012

Perfect match

Well, 5 day's in and five caps down! And so far four movies down too! So for it's been.

George Romero's Dead time stories: Skip it..

Murder by death: Funny movie, seen it before and I own it. But it's a must watch! ^_^

Trick r Treat: Again, I own it but it's a great compilation film that does a good job of capturing the holiday's fun spirit.

And last night was tale's from the crypt, ritual. Don't bother with this one, it was a mess of a story. it picked up near the end, but it barely made up for some of the inaccuracies it had. And it didn't even have the crypt keeper! What the hell is that?

Anyway, enough of my Halloween ramblings, I hope you enjoy today's oldie. ^_^

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Surprise inspection

 I set this post up in advance just to make sure something goes up today. I didn't spend a whole lot of time with the lay out, except for the last picture.

But then again, I don't see much wrong with the bright comic book like colors. I love really bright, eye catching color's and thought it looked OK to me. hope it's OK for everyone else. ^_^

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ok, so here's the other cap I was talking about yesterday. It's basically the same plot, but I thought some might prefer it over the other, and vice versa.

And yay! I've reached 400 followers! A special thank you for all of you have followed my blog!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And on to the second day for the month of Halloween! Woo!

Today's cap is a bit of fun, Because It's one of the rare caps where I wrote up two of basically the same story. You will have to tune in tomorrow to read the other version of the caption.

And so far I've also gotten started on my Horror movie a day. yay! Starting with George Romero presents, dead time stories. I have to say, just stay away from it. The only short story really worth it, was the last one, but not enough to recommend the movie. And if you do watch it, just skip the first story all together, it felt like a rejected syfy made for tv movie.

Oh! and I am just about to hit 400 followers!!! OMG! YAY!

Monday, October 1, 2012

WOOO! October 1ST! Yay! As many of you already know, I LOVE Halloween! And to kick off this month right, here's a little Halloween themed cap to get everyone in the spirit! ^_^ 

And, as a added bonus! I'm hoping to make a post every day of the month in order to keep that Halloween spirit alive! But unlike my last attempt, I will not limit my self to just Halloween themed caps. But you can bet there will be a few of those!

I'm also hoping to watch a horror movie a day again this month, like last year. So, if you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments section.  Keep it to just netflix, amazon instant video, or some free video watching service online.