Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Im not Adickted

And I DID IT! WOO! ^_^ 31 day's of straight posting! I think I'm gonna have to take a small break and return to a some what bi-weekly posting schedule.

I know that I posted two older one's the last two days, but today's is brand new! heck, I think I posted more new caps back to back this month, then any other month since I've been running this blog. ^_^

Last nights films were all 3 poltergeist films, and the monster squad! Bringing the total of movie's I've watched so far, well over 31. yay! Tonight's films will be, Halloween, (the original) Paranormal activity 3, cabin in the woods, and final destination 5. woo, all new one's to me except for Halloween, which is a yearly tradition at my house.

Today's cap is based in Smitty's xxtacy universe. I've dabbled in it once or twice before, and when smitty should me this set of photos, we both had the same idea. Marijuana laced with xxtacy! He had a slightly different idea on where he would take that idea, and I would love to see it play out. But, I had a great time going over the pro's and con's of mixing your drug's of choice. *giggle*

Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here's a few horror web comics to get you all in the mood. split lipfalse positive, Face all red. I hope everyone has a good holiday. ^_^


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