Sunday, October 21, 2012

Magical home invasion

I don't know what I was really thinking with this one. I saw the picture, had an idea, and about 3, 5 minutes later I was finished. It's quick, it's simple.

I don't know how many of my readers enjoy hentai caps, But I thought I would give those that do, a bit of a treat by trying to make one or two, here and there.

Last nights horror movie was Friday the 13th part two. I love the movies and I have loved watching them every year since I don't know when. But I can't wait till my HDMI replacement cable comes in and I can watch something I haven't seen a 100 times.


BunnyDreamer said...

yaaaaay hentai! keep making hentai and anime caps please :)

Ayano (D&X institute) said...

love the hentai caps Jennifer. keep it up. hell if possible this might make a good series.

Jennifer said...

Thanks girls! ^_^ Glad you are enjoying them, I'm going to be posting a new one In the next couple of days.

I would make this a series and maybe flesh it out a bit more, but I would need pics that matched it. Not sure what game it's from, or if it really is from a game. And if there's more, if it would lend it self to the expanding on the story.

Anonymous said...

Yes,lets have more hentai. How about one involving a fancy lingerie /dress shop that two naughty boys break into on Halloween night and the store's owner - aka a witch?. Captures the boys and turns them into submisssive lingerie models, and who must return in the summer to begin their "Special training ". Twisted I know, but look into it please. Ftygrl

Jennifer said...

@ anonymous

I'll look into it! ^_^ Most of my caps are twisted, so it's right up my alley. I would just need to find a picture that matches the story. No guarantee, but their might be something that speaks to me.

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