Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Because I can

Wha? A four part cap series? I must have stayed up a little later then usual to get this one done.. Oh wait, yeah, I did do that!

I thought this one would have been easy to just write up, but once I found all of these pics and the idea came to me, It just didn't feel right to limit everything to one or two panels. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty fun and a little darker then I was originally shooting for with this sort of theme, But, oh well!

 And for last nights film, I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre! For those of you that aren't real big into the genre, the last act of the movie might be a bit too much! But, It's one of the more influential films in horror and I believe it was the first film to start the whole, "based on a true story" thing.

And if your reading all of this now, I'm going to assume you have already read the cap up there. In which case, I'll just say a few things here.

I sooo didn't expect this story to take the turn that it did. I was determined to keep Angel unaware of how pretty she had become, but Wasn't exactly sure how to end a story like that. It wasn't until I started to find a voice for the hypnotist, that the ending came together like it did.

I liked the reasoning for why the hypnotist did all of this, it wasn't so much to proof it could work. It was just more about feeling in control and having the power to do what ever he really wanted with someones thoughts and even memory's. Obviously it's not hypnotism as we know it in reality, but I think if we had that kind of control for real, you would develop a bit of a god complex. Which played beautifully into Angel's name. Or at least I thought so.


Cindy F said...

ohhh, delicious cap, hits so many buttons. wonderful work jen

Anonymous said...

Steamy cap Jennifer! Your hypnosis caps are always great.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Very hot cap Jennifer! I love the black and white layout, letting the color photos really shine!

Jennifer said...

Thank you all for the comments! to hear that it hit some buttons really brings a smile to my face and I'm glad my hypnosis caps seem to still hit the spot! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful story! It starts out nice and simple enough, but then takes a deliciously dark turn

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