Sunday, October 14, 2012

push up bro

Me and smitty were discussing caps last night and I got on to the subject of idea's that spark a caption, but never actually make it into the final piece. This cap is the result of one of the idea's I had, but was ultimately left out of the finished cap.

And for those keeping score, I've watched two more horror themed films for the month of October. Nightmare before Christmas  and puppet master.

There's not much to say about nightmare before Christmas, It's a wonderfully done stop motion flick with catchy songs and perfectly captures the spirit of both holidays. But puppet master, is one of my favorite horror movies from my childhood. It's still the standard for all direct to video releases in my eyes. And It's such a shame that the series has fallen as far as it has.

Instead of interesting character's and plots, It's just an excuse to add another puppet to Toulon's collection. Don't believe me? almost all of the movies past 4, is made up of stock footage of the older puppets. So they end up spending most of their money on the new, shitty puppet they made up.

Do your self a favor and just skip everything past 4. 5 is OK, but it's where everything also starts to go down hill production wise.


Thomas Brighton said...

Interesting, this kind of reminds me of playing games with someone yesterday. Odd that this cap suddenly appeared, though our dear Jennifer did a great job on it.

Anonymous said...

It may seem odd, but I do notice a marked increase in my gaming prowess when wearing panties. Perhaps he's not so far off with throwing in some stocking and a bra.. sorry, bro.

Yay! A movie I can talk about! :p I'm really not one for scary movies, my imagination likes to run away with them and gets me jumping at shadows for days afterwards. I love Nightmare Before Christmas though~! What I don't understand is why the special anniversary edition replaced Patrick Stewart's voice over work.

Jennifer said...

@ Kyra hyde

I'm not sure why they replaced his voice, and truth be told I can't remember a time when he was the announcer. I never got to see it at the theaters, but I rented it as soon as it came out on vhs.

Looking around, I see he was on the soundtrack though. But the announcer in the movie sounds the same to me.

He would have been great in the movie though! and It's one of my favorite holiday films. It's just a beautiful film and I would just LOVE to go see the Disney haunted house when they dress it up in nightmare before Christmas for the holidays. If I had one of those bucket lists, that would be on there!

Jennifer said...

@ Kyra Hyde

OH! And you probably could watch ghost and Mr chicken and murder by death. Both are more comedies then horror really. Clue is also on my list, which is more comedy then horror. heck, it's more of a mystery then horror as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Clue! But more on that later.

I had no idea they dressed up the Haunted House for Christmas! I'll definitely have to check it out sometime.

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