Saturday, October 20, 2012

A little game of sissy chicken

I made this one for Smitty, But I didn't get to add his name to it. Still, he picked up on where most of the inspiration for the story came from. It's a 3 part cap that's a bit more XXX rated then some of my recent work And It felt good to dip back into that sort of thing.

Oh, and I took a chance on using a different font. I normally don't do that, as I'm worried that someone might not be able to read what's on the page. But Smitty looked it over and didn't say that it was difficult, so I hope it's true for everyone reading. ^_^

Last nights movie was the original house on haunted hill with Vincent price.  It's not scary by today's standards, But It's got a wonderful cast and a good haunted house story. It's hard for me to say if I like this one more or the remake, they are basically two different movies entirely. I like them both. (and yes, I saw the original before the remake.)


Anonymous said...

A very Smitty cap indeed! I would love to challenge this warlock to a round of Sissy Chicken

Jennifer said...

It's funny, me and Smitty have both used the sissy chicken game in our caps. And I know the idea for a game of sissy chicken, was born from a conversation we both had. So it's only fitting that the next time I used it, I had smitty play a a round.

But maybe I can see if I can sign you up for the next one. ;)

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