Monday, October 22, 2012

every 8 seconds

This was a cap I did for Martha's  birthday, It started out more complex then it ended up being. I was going to have her have a completely new life that she would have to adjust to and all of the humiliation that provides. But, as I looked and looked around for a picture to click, I just felt more like giving her a cap that featured a blowjob. *laugh*

That's not to say that the story I did come up with couldn't be expanded and become something MORE then it is right now. I think it's a pretty fun idea, it's just a really simple telling of that idea.

Last nights film was Bubba ho-tep. Not scary in the least, but a very fun and strange story. If you are a fan of something different, or just a fan of Bruce Campbell, you should check it out. Also, if you're a fan of seeing elvis in a retirement home, teaming up with a black JFK, fighting an old mummy that swallows souls from any orifice he can. well.. I''m afraid this is the only movie out there for you. So enjoy!


Dee Mentia said...

As I said on the Haven, I thought it was a great idea and Niels is going to be really busy .. but at least he gets to be a variety of women!

Bubba Ho-Tep is a great movie and Bruce Campbell is great in it. I think its the best acting he's ever done, instead of just being "smug" Bruce Campbell like he usually plays in movies and TV.

Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting curse! I wonder, will it ever end? Does another man's fantasy override her form if she hasn't satisfied the first yet? I hope some people fantasize about treating a girl to dinner, otherwise her diet will be pretty limited ;)

femslut21 said...

Really excellent caption. One of my favorites.

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