Friday, November 26, 2010

Help your self

This was a first for me since I worked on the ending first, then set up the beginning once I was done. I think the end could almost work by it self but the first part is fun too.  Please Enjoy! ^_^

 I noticed a  few typos, but I can't get to the original copy at the moment. ugh

Thursday, November 25, 2010

That's an A+

How about a little Magic dress fun after that thanksgiving dinner?

Edit: I thought I would try my hand at going into a little more in depth with the creative process. I chose this one in particular as the first guinea pig, because I actually wrote up two captions for this one picture!

I had seen the picture first in Kaitlyn's two for one deal she had going, I noticed she had put up some new pics to chose from.  there was this single bondage picture that just stuck out to me and I had the story instantly! A cross dressing tale staring a brother and sister, with the brother set to take the fall, hard!  I asked her if I could have it and it was off I go to write it up.

the story came out very smoothly, It was something I was pretty proud of once I gave it another once over. but that's when I remembered, kaitlyn didn't like cross dressing captions.. opps!

So it was back to the drawing board, I didn't scrap the other story instead I kept it for latter. I still had to use this picture for Kaitlyn's 2 for 1 deal some how. But the method had to change, something magical I guessed.  The dress really stuck out to me, so I went with that as the reason he was changed, I read plenty of cursed clothing TF's way back when, but never made many caps that featured it. A little reworking of the original plot and I ended up with the little brother again, getting him self tied up by a burglar and the sister being the only one narrating the story. just like the first tale, but this time the sister is a witch in training and the brother is a little bit on the kinky side.

I liked how the sister interacted with her brother like this, putting stuff together in her head, as he squirms against his bonds. I wanted to keep it playful but still stimulating, so I put the camera bit at the end for a little bit of humiliation fun.  all in all, It turned out to be a nice caption. both of them!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Well, I had some more Laptop issue's over the weekend, but I have things settled for now. And I was still able to make this fun little doozy! ^_^

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

trail and error

 so here's an extra caption for the week, since It's my birthday today. :D It's not a forced tale or anything, But it's good to switch things up. I know not everyone enjoys that sort of thing, and I've made a couple that were pretty fun to make. This was a nice one. ^_^

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here's a caption I did for Shauna Marie. I was inspired too do something like this as I stared at K@t's candy artwork all day. *giggle* I hope I got across that she is basically an Airhead by now,  It's kinda like she just put what ever was popping into her head down on the paper.

Friday, November 12, 2010

 Had a lot of fun working on this 1940's style cap. Hope you all enjoy It. ^_^

Friday, November 5, 2010

 I'm pleased how the story in this one turned out. I made this the other day for my good Friend Alexia, for her birthday. I hope you all enjoy. ^_^