Tuesday, July 31, 2012

could be worse

Today's living doll caption is a tad different then my past story's. But I always wanted to expand on the different types of living doll models and also explain some of the reasons for why guy's end up in these things so often.

I mean, if a company were to do this sort of thing, unless they were making a specific model that needed a former male personality in the machine, they would rather use a female personality right? And that's basically why I wrote up today's cap, hope you enjoy! ^_^

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Never knew that

Yes yes! I'm still here and still posting! ^_^ woo! It was my dad's birthday this weekend and I was also catching up with everything I missed out while I was gone. But I do still have a new caption for you all to enjoy!

It was made right before my laptop went down and was on of the caps I really didn't want to lose. I do enjoy the situation, but I just love the picture!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm back! I got my laptop back this afternoon and have been busy just backing up all of my pics and caps for the better part of it.

Today's cap is one of the few I have made, but didn't post anywhere yet. It was a simple story that just popped into my head the moment I saw the pic. I hope everyone out there enjoys it, I'm still trying to catch up with all of the stuff that's been going on since I've been away.

Thank you to all of my reader's who left me kind words, and thank you to caitlyn, Starla, Ginger, and Cindy, for being such good friends.  ^_^ And thank you to Victoria Hyde for finding the demos for comic life and comic life 2!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I really wanted my next post to the blog to be something TG Caption related. But Sadly, The demo for comic life and comic life 2, have been removed. So, The only way I can gain access to any of my un-posted and in some cases unfinished work, is to download the whole program and put in the register number and all that. Maybe I can steal away enough time to check my online storage programs and find one all ready to post, But That would mean looking through NSFW images and... that's really tricky at the moment.

I wanted to thank each and every person that left me well wishes in my last post, and in the various forums I frequent. I can't reply in a timely fashion, but I have got the chance to at least read them and it means a lot to me.

In other news, I do know for a fact, that my laptop is in for repairs and I should be hearing something about it soon. I hope it's good news, As I would hate to jump on them for not taking care of this sooner.

Next is a bit off topic for this blog, But also an important message, or reminder, how ever you would like to take it.  It's about the recent tragedy that struck a dark knight rises movie showing, and if you don't want to read something depressing such as that, on this blog that is more sexually fueled and meant to be enjoyed, I understand. So, I will be placing it past the page break.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello everyone. No, I'm not back yet, the laptop is still away and will be for a couple of weeks. But, I do have access to a digital backup service that has a few of my un-posted captions. But it would require me having to jump through some hoops just to grab one picture, download a copy of comic life on to this computer, export the file as a jpg, post it to my blog, and finally remove all evidence of that from this pc.

But, Then I get on here and am disappointed in the very cold and practically non-existent words of encouragement from my reader's. I rarely say anything about the lack of comments, I mean.. I do ok in that department thanks to my friends. But I have 373 follower's and get anywhere from 3000 views, (when I don't update) to 10'000 views when I do. That is a lot of people coming in and then just leaving with out saying anything at all.

Most of the time I'm ok with it, people just want to come in and read the caps and leave. But when ever I post something serious, something that effects me at all times of the day and when I need those words of encouragement most! I get nothing... Look at the last serious post I made on here, Laptop repair. It has one comment on it, My friend Ginger was kind enough to give me the word's of encouragement and well wishes that I desperately needed.

Go back even further then that and look at the last serious issue I had on this blog, Halloween heel's. My friend Caitlyn was the only one to leave a comment for me. When my aunt ruby passed away and I lost two puppies. There's more to it then that in the post, But the point is, not a single reader tried to reach out to me and showed how much they appreciated that I keep this blog as updated as I do.

It takes me anywhere from 5 minute's, to 5 day's to finish a cap. Depending on the length, looking for pic's,  working on the layout, proofing it, ETC. some cap's get comment's, some don't. I can at least count on my friend's to provide me with the feedback that I NEED, to hear to see if I'm still doing something other people enjoy as well as I do.

But now look, When I need those word's of encouragement from my reader's most, I still get nothing. I have 373 followers and up to 10'000 view's! But no one outside of my group of friend's left me a msg of well wishes or any encouragement at all. This is severely disappointing. I have serious issue's affecting my life, and I'm still thinking up way's to jump through hoop's and get you the work that you all enjoy. But no one could even leave one anonymous message. That's right, you don't even have to have an account, or to sign into your existing account, to leave any comment. But no one does it!

So, I'm only left thinking one thing. Why jump through the hoop's and try to post a new cap a few of you out there will enjoy, When no one even appreciates it? It take's a lot of time to make these cap's and then post them for people to read. But 99% of my reader's, just leave with out saying a word. Even when I'm depressed and still struggling to post new material, people still just click right through.

There is far, FAR more serious things going on in my life then getting 0 comment's. Or even losing my laptop. But, I don't feel like I can, or should, share it here, because no one show's that they care or appreciate what I do. Since my laptop repair post, I haven't been encouraged, I've been disappointed. It's this sort of thing that finally push's people like me to close their door's for good.

I don't ask for comment's on my normal work, and that would never be the reason I would stop doing any of this. I do enjoy it and I look forward to posting new work and seeing the view's shoot up. (it's the only way I can tell if the cap was well received or not. ) But when I post something serious and reach out to my reader's and they ignore it, Well, it's just very disappointing and depressing.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

laptop repair

Hello everyone, I know I was on a bit of a roll the last couple of weeks. well, at least a roll when it's compared to how I've posted to the blog in the past. But, it will be quite a while till I can get back in to the capping game. My laptop is messed up, I'm not sure what the problem is, but it won't take a charge, so it's completely drained.

Sorry That I didn't get to update the blog sooner, but I can't steal away enough time on another pc, to hop on and post. I hope you all continue to enjoy what's already posted, and hope you have a good weekend.