Tuesday, July 31, 2012

could be worse

Today's living doll caption is a tad different then my past story's. But I always wanted to expand on the different types of living doll models and also explain some of the reasons for why guy's end up in these things so often.

I mean, if a company were to do this sort of thing, unless they were making a specific model that needed a former male personality in the machine, they would rather use a female personality right? And that's basically why I wrote up today's cap, hope you enjoy! ^_^


Dee Mentia said...

Breathtaking pathos and depth in this caption.

Its creepy that the "dolls" would be self-aware, but not in a bad way. The situation itself lends that air, and its definitely a relief that she is being treated so well.

And yes, I had that song from Toy Story 2 playing in my head as I was reading the last few paragraphs.

smitty said...

Definitely one of the sneakiest bleak ones you've made. It seems so hopeful, but that's what's so dark. What hope can a doll really have? She's not a person, she's product. She'll almost certainly be sold or dust balled, either way, this bit of comfort will only be a torturous reminder then. The title is a perfect double meaning too. It COULD be worse, meaning it still can be.

Caitlyn Masked said...

What a wonderful mix of emotions Jennifer. Feeling good as the 'little sister' but also with the knowledge that his new life will eventually move past this stage. How long will the family want to keep her in her current state? What happens later? That thinking is the lone storm cloud on the horizon!

badside said...

What an interesting twist. I felt slightly aroused, yet scared too. There is a darkness to this story, not sure where it will lead; to joy or sadness? So many threads to follow!

Zak said...

Huh, neat. Definitely different than I expected.

Ginger said...

I really liked the cap Jennifer, it's different than what I usually expect when I come to your blog, and I appreciate the change. A really good cap, maybe its the optomist in me, but I didn't get that sense of dread, until I read the comments and read it again. I guess my mind tended to focus on the uplifting parts. But a reread makes it even more of a work of art. Good Job!

Jennifer said...

@ Dee

I didn't even think about that song, but it SO fits!

@ Smitty

I'm always pleased to see those elements picked up by the readers. But, that's partly because I'm surprised I actually pulled it off. Some times I'm afraid I don't walk the line fine enough and end up making it feel either too sweet, or too dark.

@ Caitlyn Masked.

It's strange to think that the story here was mostly an after thought. I of course tried to make it something enjoyable, but what really inspired me to make this one, was to explain why so many men might be used in female dolls.

It was something I wanted to explain for a bit, But didn't just want to make a cap for that sole purpose. So I'm very happy to see that the rest of the story has been as well received as it has. Thanks! ^_^

@ badside

I think what makes even the sweetest and upbeat situation for a doll, dark and twisted, is by the end of the day, they are still just products. The twist and underlying bleakness just seemed to come out naturally thanks to that.

Of course, I could always make one where the person in the doll was actually in control of their actions. After all, that's what the uploaded consciousness was meant for in the first place.

@ Zak

thank you. ^_^ I hope that it was enjoyable, even for it's novelty factor.

@ ginger

I love that reaction! having to reread it and see the cap in a different light like that, It's pretty hard to pull off effectively. Glad to see it worked out!

@ everyone

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! ^_^

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