Friday, August 3, 2012

I'll be your guide

So Sorry that I didn't get to post anything the last couple of day's. But, I seem to be still having issue's with my laptop. I've gotten in touch with the manufacturer and it shouldn't take near as long as it did last time. (Mostly because I don't have to pay for the shipping this time. )

I know, bad news! ugh.. But! Thankfully, I have everything backed up on line now and I will even be setting up my blog to continue posting while I'm with out my laptop. I should also be able to arrange more time to be online, since this issue isn't as sudden as the last one. (though they are related.)

And before I move on to today's caption, I do have to give a shout out to Smitty and his recent choose your own adventure captions.

First up, is his biggest story to date! A twisted trip into a fantasy I enjoy tremendously, virtual reality! just a internet connection away from A TG adventure. If you have enjoyed any VR caps or story's in the past, then I'm positive you will get a real kick out of this one! I've already made my way through about 8 endings, and I still have about 18/19 to go! O_O

And next up, is just a fraction in length, but no less enjoyable. And what makes it extra special, is that it feature's some of your favorite caption artists In a twisted meta caption, that makes you think twice next time you ask one of us to make you a TG caption!. ;)

Go check them out! but uh... first, you might want read my cap... >_> you are going to be over their awhile... I think both of them together  clock in around 400 pages!

I know, I know.. I've been doing a lot of living doll caps lately. But It's been really easy for me to jump in and create another story in the universe. I've also really enjoyed expanding it and even Smitty has taken it for a spin. infact, today's caption was inspired by an idea he had, which was also inspired by one of my past living doll caps. and the living doll cap it self was some what inspired by one of smitty's own universes..

and wait.. Ok, I think it's getting hard to keep track of who inspired who here.. So let's just call today's cap a partial collaboration!


Ginger said...

Ohhh another good cap Jennifer! I really enjoyed it! Love the whole training aspect of it! Hope the laptop gets fixed quickly!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just found your site and I'm already impressed with the caption quality. Keep up the good work!

Caitlyn Masked said...

Nice! That's a great way to keep a cap in this universe while still letting have the subject speak in his own voice. It still has a very good 'shiver' quality to it!

Great cap Jennifer!

badside said...

Really liking that pic and the caption is just right for it. Love that poor Henry was turned female against his will and how he is powerless and trapped by Mistress. He even tried to escape, but was unsuccessful because other people brought him back! You really packed a lot of good stuff in that cap!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

smitty said...

I love the way you expanded the dolls universe while still keeping this its own story. Great job.

Panty LisaAnn said...

Lovely image and such an engaging cap as well. Thanks.

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