Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Job opportunity's

YAY! I'm back! Woo! I got my laptop last friday, but have been a little on the fence of jumping back in and saying It was all fixed, just in case it wasn't true. Like last time... But so far, so good!

And yes, my plot for today's caption is bit out there. But, I think it's still fun. ^_^

Read on for more!

And to help celebrate, I've made a brand new caption! Thanks to Chumley for the request! I hope you like the brand new mila themed cap. ^_^

I've often wondered, if anyone out there has found my blog looking for mila kunis related TG material. I remember searching for Alyson hannigan, Jennifer love hewit, and Jennifer aniston themed caps years ago!

But it was never the fantasy of becoming that particular person through and through, Just looking like that person. Which is why, most of my Mila themed caps Have never been about that. In fact, Most of my caps that feature models or actresses people would know, do not feature that. So I hope this is the sort of celeb themed cap you were looking for. ^_^

And as far as my laptop situation goes, it took longer then I thought it would, but looks like I'm in the clear. But not after I had to fight the company on one minor issue...

They Wanted me to pay for a crack on my brand new laptop! 170 bucks!!! When I sent it off to them it didn't look like that! It looked great before, and it even looked great the first time I sent it to them two weeks before! So, After a day or two of trying to sort it out, I finally got them to fix the damage with out having to cough up the 170.

Which is good, Because I know I sure as hell didn't damage it. I'm the type of person that kept the protective plastic that kept dirt off the keyboard months after I got it. I only got rid of it, because it wouldn't stick to the grooves of the key's any more. And Since I've accidentally dropped a laptop in the past, I've treated this one with kid gloves.

Anyway, I'm very happy to say I'm back and Back for good this time! Expect more caps in the coming days! ^_^


Ginger said...

Good story Jennifer, so good to see you back, Its so dark, but its very good. Keep up the good work Jennifer!

Caitlyn Masked said...

First off it's great to see you back Jennifer! I'm glad that the company ponied up and fixed your laptop right, and hopefully it will last a good long time for you.

Now this cap... NICE! I like how the second thoughts well up in the subject at an almost too late time.

Dee Mentia said...

WOOOOOO! Glad to see you are back, and hope that you don't have any more obstacles thrown in your way! Testicles SHOULD be going your way, not obstacles!

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