Thursday, May 31, 2012

so much to do

I did this one for Dee the other night, Fiddled with the text a little more to make sure it was a little easier to read. It looks nice visually I think, but I wish I could have kept most of the sentences on the same line.

But It also kind of helps set the mood too, So to me, I think this one works pretty well. I hope you enjoy. ^_^

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sister's home

On Monday I had posted one of my sissy pink bottom's class Called It's not funny!, and I received a very interesting request in the comment's suggestion.

Anonymous said, 
You should make a sequel to this, where he comes back completely submissive.

 That suggestion immediately sparked a few idea's for me and I really wanted to tackle the caption right away. first thing's first though, I had to find a picture that fit.

I couldn't just make a direct sequel, the first picture was a one shot and I had no idea who the model's were. So, I had to look around for something that fit the tone of the first one, Which leads me to this picture.

I think it turned out very well and has it's own amount of squirm in it. But I still want to make one where the new girl is completely fem and completely submissive, not just compliant.

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's not funny!

This is one of my favorite button pushers I've done in a while, and I think it's mostly because of how perfect this picture is! Sure, they are a little bit older then they maybe should be for the story, but I can over look that. ^_^

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flip the switch

yes, it's true! Another new caption for the weekend. ^_^ yay! And boy, is it eye popping. At least to me it is... I love wild, and eye catching colors, and that occasionally come's through in my captions.

I like how it looks, not sure about others. sometimes I think it Lessens the impact of the story, where as in others It might highlight them. I think this one highlights it for me, but that's just me.

Today's story is a pretty simple idea, what would you do if you could sneak away for a week and live out your fantasy's? I thought that was a fun angle, so I ran with it. Might do more.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I know it's you

So, I've been doing a lot of series captions lately. And as much as I love to pour in as many details as I can and help flesh out a character a little more, I still wanted to get back to single's.

So, I've been trying to force my self to just single length, short story's that are meant to push buttons fast and hard. I hope this caption does that, and who better to get the first one, then Caitlyn Of Caitlyn's masks.

I think I will let the caption just speak for it self, it was a lot of fun to write up. the story came to me the moment I saw the picture, so I dropped what ever else I was doing and got cracking. ^_^

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm just going to skip to the next post, This is a series I had done a while back, so if you enjoyed some of my older stuff, you should like this. ^_^

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Halloween heels

So, my aunt ruby died this week. I didn't get to spend much time with her near the end, but I remember her as one of the few extended family members that I enjoyed visiting. On top of that, two puppies passed away,  And my grandma, who's not in the best of health, has a virus. To top it all off, My house is STILL wrecked after the drunk driver plowed into it months ago.

Sorry about that little rant, just been a stressful week really. Very sad time, which is why today's caption isn't a button pusher.

Not much to say about this caption, expect that it turned out a little more bittersweet then I the original draft, the story was more lonely and cold. You might want to skip it if you are looking for some thing sexy.

Monday, May 21, 2012

For a pretty penny

I had originally thought to always keep these caps exclusive to the haven zine, but I also wanted to share them with my readers here, so..

I think for a pretty penny is my best looking cap I've ever done in comic life. and besides the logo at the bottom and the NC-17 warning, every single bit was put together in comic life.

As a bonus, I've included one of my other ad's from the zine, it was just for fun and I really enjoyed how it turned out. All of that was done in comic life too, which I don't think I really have to point that out. If it was done in photoshop the letter's would look better. But, it's not bad for comic life, huh?

I remember scratching my head for a couple of day's trying to figure out what else to add to the bottom's background so it didn't look so empty. Then it hit me, "duh!" it's a caption about me, use the little graphic at the top of my blog. worked like a charm, if I do say so my self.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dream of me

In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE dream/fantasy world themes and I think this might be one of my better "transformation through dreams" caption I've made. I even downloaded to give it a little something extra and help sell the dream angle better.

I made this caption for Victoria Hyde, who's pref's seemed like the perfect fit for me to dabble in the twisted game of a dream demoness.

On top of this being only the second time I've used another program to make something for a cap, it's also the second time I laid out the page before I wrote out the story. Took me a second to get the hang of telling a story like that, but I think it paid off!

Oh, and I've cleaned up my links section over to the left side. Some blogs hadn't been updated in some time, so it was about time I took care of it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

learn to wait

So I went back to comic life for now, Can't really stand how slow the thing get's. I'll probably try it out again later after they have some time to fix the bugs.

Today's cap is a four part sci-fi TG erotica! It's also the return of my living Doll universe. (links past the break.) You don't have to read them to fully get this one, But it would bring more enjoyment out of the concept I think.

Just to bring some people up to speed though, It's take's place in a future where people's memory's and personality's can be downloaded to something like a hard drive. Which then the copy's of the digital you, are sold off to other company's to act as a highly advanced computer A.I. for various androids.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I hate mirrors

I've been experimenting with comic life 2, and I'm just about at the point where I say fuck it! And just go back to comic life one. I love the improvements to the thing, but good god.. it's so freaking buggy! It keeps crashing, it won't let me select the text I want to move around or change, it will suddenly add a page to a single panel cap.. ugh!

That being said, I made this one with the comic life 2 demo. That's how I got that nifty looking broken mirror look. (still a work in progress...)

I apologize to everyone looking for my usual smut and erotica, I promise there is some of that coming your way! But for now, I'm trying to get back into capping regularly again and some of the first forays back into it are a little more emotional.

If you have been depressed or in an emotional state lately, Do NOT Read the caption!  
Just follow these links for something more erotic.

embarrassing ways to quit
show of force
breaking'em in

Friday, May 11, 2012

As I saw it

Hello everyone! hope you have had a good week, I know things have been a little bit easier on me. I'm even getting to mess around with the demo for comic life 2! It's a bit tricky, but the most annoying thing is how many time's it crashes on me. But I think I could make some pretty nifty looking caps with it if I just keep at it.

Today's caption is an older one, but it fits perfectly with one of the questions someone asked me on form spring. First things first though, I have another technical question to answer.

Are the complaints about the image not opening due to the fact that the reader is trying to open the html image rather than the jpeg that it goes to? And, have you thought of using the 'Jump Break'/'Read More' tool so that visitors realize there's more?

I have used the jump break tool, but I have never used the read more tool. Mostly because, I haven't figured out how to put that into the body of the post with out creating the link for it my self. But I almost always tell people there's more to read if they just click the image and scroll down, or click the title of the post and scroll down. I think, and hope, it's just people not realizing there's more to the post, but I try to make a point to tell people when ever possible. So, Maybe it's another issue all together.

Please read on for another question answered and for today's caption!

Monday, May 7, 2012

An oldie, but it's a fun one. ^_^ I think the over all layout could be better, but I liked the color choice, it fit the picture.

When I click the captions, why dont they get bigger? I cant ever read them

I've heard of this problem a few times, but I honestly can't figure out what's wrong. The only thing I know to suggest, is if you haven't been clicking on the title of the post and scrolling down or clicking on the picture to the left and scrolling down, Maybe trying a new browser?

I keep the caps in the main body of the post so blogger can accurately track how many people are reading this cap or that cap. What you see to the left on the main page, is just a sort of header image, something that will show up in people's links when they see I've updated my blog The main body of the post contains the actual cap you would read. If you have been doing all of that, maybe try a new browser, another pc or mac if you can, or clear your browser cache. Sorry you haven't been able to read the caps.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I had hopped to have some good news the next time I posted, but sadly, it takes much longer to hear back from fictionmania and upload a story then I thought. Yes, I wrote a story, (YAY!) But it's adapted from the one I just recently published to my blog. (though cleaned up, and with just a few added lines here and there.)

In any case, I'm very excited about it and I hope yall are too! Yippee! ^_^ But, I suppose it's been long enough since my last update, so how about a brand new caption and some questions answered? Click the image to read on!