Saturday, May 26, 2012

I know it's you

So, I've been doing a lot of series captions lately. And as much as I love to pour in as many details as I can and help flesh out a character a little more, I still wanted to get back to single's.

So, I've been trying to force my self to just single length, short story's that are meant to push buttons fast and hard. I hope this caption does that, and who better to get the first one, then Caitlyn Of Caitlyn's masks.

I think I will let the caption just speak for it self, it was a lot of fun to write up. the story came to me the moment I saw the picture, so I dropped what ever else I was doing and got cracking. ^_^

Hope you are all having a good weekend!


Caitlyn Masked said...

Wow... you sure know how to hit my buttons Jennifer! I like how you left a lot of the details up in the air... it keeps the mind working about what's really going on between Calvin and his sister! And I really like how you have the text boxes overlapping, looking like one continuous text box!

Thank you so much for making this!

smitty said...

You still stuff a lot of squirm into a single page. The family angle definitely adds a lot of extra kink to the imagination. I doubt his sister is done with him. Who knows what she'll "force" him to do next?

Ginger said...

Ohhhh you can do so much in the car! Especially if you moved to the backseat! Ohhh What a lucky sissy she is! Really hot!

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