Thursday, April 17, 2014
Yes, i'm still here and I'm still capping. ^_^ I've been busy doing a little studying here and there, trying to expand my horizons as it were. But, I'm still making time for new captions.

This one was born entirely out of my desire to make a crossdressing anime cap. Once I saw this pic, I knew that it HAD to be this image. I mean look at it, it's perfect for a little public humiliation!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Practice dreaming
Could it be? It is! A new caption! I would go into the whole spiel about what's been going on with me, but let's just enjoy the moment shall we? YAY!

This caption's idea could have went a number of different way's, and who knows, it might still. But for now, I went with what you see here and I hope that sammie over at the haven enjoys it.

I tried to follow her prefs and fit in one of her favorite models, and I actually am pretty happy with the result. I hope all of you are as well! ^_^

It's based on a story I heard about a woman who overcame shyness with lucid dreaming. If she could do that, then why couldn't a crossdresser do the same? and while she's at it, make her self look good doing it. *giggle*

Friday, February 21, 2014

it's been awhile.

But I have a good reason. Some family members of mine have had some really severe health problems and I went and spend a good while over there to help out. I wont go into too many detailes, but it involed stuff like broken ribs, infections, severly injured foots, and what might possibly be a case of dementia.

So as you can see, it's been very stressful/sad/time consuming. But I am very gratful that i could help and spend time with them. I wish they were in better health, but it is what it is. I can't change it, but i can help out when they need it most. Many people have no one to do that for them, but i seem to be the go to person when things go wrong. It's a lot of pressure, to be sure, but i am glad they felt compfortable enough to let me help them when they needed it.

I am sorry i have been gone so long, but im back for the moment and i really hope that things can slow down so i can provide you all with a little reading material. ^_^ not to mention myself.~_^

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy holidays! This post is brought to by bloggers scheduling system and I'm busy getting ready for Christmas day. I'll be checking in on the blog a little later, but for those of you with a little free time before the hectic Christmas shuffle, I hope you find this little gift to your liking! ^_^

It's based on Smitty's xxtacy series. I know that Smitty doesn't make any TG caps any more, but that doesn't mean his universes don't still pack a punch. I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy holiday season.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It was just a dream
Hey! Things for me lately have been.. Let's just say crazy! I don't really want to bore all of you with another update on how i'm doing and things are going, I just wanted to share with you all my newest caption!

It's a hypno cap and for my first cap in a good while, i think it's pretty good. The story it self probably would benefit with more background and a bigger set up, but i think it's enough to stoke the fires. ;)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sorry that today's post is not coming with a brand new caption, but I hope to have something to show to all of you soon. ^_^ Instead, I wanted to make a post as a thank you to those that have shown they care and kept me in their thoughts while I was away. It's all been very depressing and just hearing from my friends means a lot.

I would like to thank Mistress Mimi, Madame Tammy, Mister Brighton, Lady Katelyn, Cindy, Miss Cherry, Miss Jessica sweetheart, Samantha A, Dain, Saucysean, Greatgooglymoogly, Candy, Cam, and Rachel for providing me with a means to get back online a little more regularly! (And Courtney!)  Thank you girls and guys for being so wonderful and sticking by my side during the rough patches. ^_^

Things have been bad for a while now, and the future is quite uncertain. My house could very well fall in any day, and the contractor we got in touch with a while back has even refused to step foot in the house because he is certain the house will fall in.

Even more serious, is the health issues my family has had recently and how many times I've been woken up in the middle of the night to hear that my grandpa has come so close to death, that they weren't even sure they could do anything for him. But things might be turning around and I can see looking over the names listed, that I've been truly blessed with real, caring individuals. Thank you for the well wishes and thank you for the belated (or otherwise), happy birthday wishes.

I've lost a couple of friends this year and I've occasionally become very depressed, even more so then usual. But knowing that I have people who keep me in their thoughts means a great deal. Thank you girls/guys, and thank you to all of my readers for just stopping by and reading my caps. Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy thanksgiving! ^_^

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where I've been

Hello Everyone. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but things have just gotten far, far worse over here then I care to admit. For one, you all know that my grandpa was already in bad shape while I was posting back in October. Well, He's doing a little bit better health wise, he's not doing so great mentally. There's been a lot of changes in his life, and ever since then he's been under careful watch at a hospital, trying to determine how to improve his overall health.

And then of course my issues with my house is still a large problem. As most of you know, my house was hit by a car about 3 years ago and ever since then we have been having issues with the insurance company. So while we get that sorted out, more and more of the front of our house is falling to the ground. It's now a good two foot lower then it was, and a few doors inside the house are impossible to shut close.

Finally, my pc caught fire in my lap and nearly burned me. Needless to say, my computer, for what ever reason, is dead. I don't have the money to check it out, much less get it fixed, so i'm relying on others to allow me time on there's.

There was some good news recently and that is that I had a good birthday with my family. But I do have to say that I'm disappointed to see that NO ONE at the haven wished me a happy birthday and only one person even checked on me while I've been gone. Now, some people at DX and just people I know in general, did.

I hope you are all doing well and I hope to be back on my feet and capping again some time in the future. It's been a bit depressing lately, and I'm glad to see that I do have some people who really do care and I can't thank them enough. I truly appreciate all of those who keep me in their thoughts and prayers and please know that I am doing the same for you. I count you as a friend as much as you did me.