Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ready and submitting
 So today is another vanity post I suppose. I'll get back to some caps here soon, most likely tomorrow. But I've put off making this post for a while and I also have a question from formspring to answer. ^_^

(Can u make some caps of diapered issues or diapered cucks) 

I'm thinking this question came up because of the recent Pregnant Captions that I've been putting up. Well, I never gave much thought to diapered,or diapered cucks. Just like I never gave much thought so some other kinks or fetish's I don't share. I have no problem with them and wouldn't really have a problem capping them. (there's just a few hard limits I have. like scat or underage.)

My problem with doing a diapered caption would be, I really don't have an idea of what makes something like that appealing to people. For me, I can see there's some humiliation there but I find humiliation in so many other themes, diapered is not high on my list and therefore not a button pusher.

So like unique tf's or pregnant caps, I would have to have a reason for making something like that before I would consider it. Maybe I owed someone a trade for a caption they did for me, or it was some sort of challenge, or someone requested it in a donation reward. Then I would give it some thought and try and understand what it is that pushes your buttons about a diapered cap and see if I can find something in the story I'm telling, that also appeals to me on some lvl.  It's not my thing, But I'm not against trying new stuff.

Read on for a little more rambling.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just updating

Opps! Caught me with my drawers down
So today's post is sort of a what's what and what's going sort of thing. I have been capping lately, not as much as I would like. But It's at least something. ^_^ yay!

My Jennifer story has been on my mind and I think I might be ready to delve back into it. Although, a recent hard drive crashed wiped all the pics I had for it, including around.. 39'000 others! Yeah.. Now I have to gather new stuff up and find what I can of the stuff I did have. ugh.. But I have fun with that and normally find some sort of inspiration in it when I do. So, I'm looking at it as win. I get an excuse to search for more pics and you all possibly get more caps!

Still in debt at the haven, but working my way through that slowly but surely. It's one of the major reasons I haven't picked up my Jennifer story in some time, I feel bad doing something just for my self when I owe some returns.

I'm still planing the interactive caption mentioned only briefly about a month or more back. I'll have to explain that in a more detailed post, but it includes reader participation through comments. It sounds like a fun one!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Damn Hormones

Hey yo! Another update and another brand new cap! Yay! This one was interesting in how it came about actually, A friend over at a site I frequent got in touch with me about my blog. She told me how much she enjoyed my captions, and asked if i had done any pregnant caps.

I haven't done to many of those really, But was interested in giving it another shot. So I asked her what sort of stuff she was looking for in a preggers cap, when she mentioned embarrassment and humiliation, I knew it wouldn't be THAT hard for me. *giggle* So please enjoy my 4th pregnant cap ever! yay!

And continue on if you want to read my latest answer from form spring. ^_^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full update time! yay! Took a little longer then I liked, but I had some things going on yesterday. if you already read today's story, you can still read on past the break and see me yakkity yak about it. Or just comment below. ^_^ (No account needed!)

Today's story was Made for the incomparable (stroking egos are fun!) Smitty! Who has been making me quite a few lovely tales of will crushing humiliation and pleasure. Including a tale based on my favorite TG story I've read over the year's. All or nothing which is a 3 part series from the Incredibly sexy Trisha who's knack for pushing my sissy humiliation loving buttons is outstanding! (stroke)

If you haven't read all or nothing yet, or Trisha's other tales of sissy subjugation, then.. what's wrong with you? Just kidding! (sort of..)  you really should check it out, and especially before you read on past the break.

So everyone cool? I'm going to guess and say you are. *giggle* I'm doing pretty well, but kinda embarrassed to throw this caption up today. Story is nice, great picture. But there is (was) some bad typo's in this one. (fun = phone? huh?)

And I'm surprised that no one ever said anything over at the haven. Sort of thing that makes you think people just blow through your cap and are just saying they enjoyed it. (it's was a really bad typo) But maybe no one else noticed it too?  I mean, I didn't notice till today. (I noticed two typos really)

UPDATE: I no longer have the original file to fix it, so I had to put the jpeg into comic life and place text boxes over the problem text fields. Not ideal, but at least I got it fixed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 Ho ho ho! ok, enough about me. how is everyone doing? Good I hope! ^_^ I have a brand new two part caption for you all today! yay! If you just want to have your bell rung, give it a read and let me know what you think.

My hypnosis sessions are going very well. I'm working on two triggers so far and both have the same effect, to help me go under faster. but one is for me to use and one is for my friend to put me under. I also have found a lot more insight into my OCD and what possibly bothers me with all of that. So, some fun and insightful things going on. ^_^

If you would like to hear a little more with some behind the scenes stuff, then just join me after the page break. ^_^

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Early Mornings

I was recently asked if I had any Pregnant captions up on my blog, and while I have made some, I didn't think I had any of them posted. So this is for all of my reader's that enjoy this theme, I hope you like it!

Read on past the page break for a little rambling.

Monday, June 13, 2011

sissy house rules

So, this was a throwback to all the sissy fiction I used to read when I first got the web and well.. discovered Sissy Fiction. heh.. The plot of going to your aunt and getting sissified has been used and reused 100's of time's. But At the time, it was new and exciting to me. So I gave it a shot. ^_^

Look further for a question from the wonderfully Sweet Alectra.Read on after the page break.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How about a new messy single bit of fun? I haven't been making many single caps lately, but I cut loose with this one. ^_^ I hope to do more like it soon and would hope to hear that it pushes your buttons.  (which the Anonymous posting is now turned on. ^_^)

And if anyone still want's to ask questions to my Hypnotist friend, please just look at the post below and follow the rules listed there. And I still have my form spring account set if you would like to ask me anything. ^_^ And everyone can use it as well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Huwha? How long was I out?
So yesterday I made a post about Meeting a Hypnotist online and briefly discussed my excitement and experience with it so far. Then a short time later my friend, who has been so kind to offer to do this for me, also offered to answer any questions that my reader's might have about real hypnotism.

Today's post is to provide a forum for readers to answer questions in the comment section below and he will answer them Anonymously. Please don't ask him if he can teach you too or who he is. His time is very limited and it's very sweet that he has offered to do this. Please don't take advantage of his generosity and spoil the mood. thank you and ask away! ^_^

P.S. Oh yeah.. and you can post Anonymously now! No account needed, just tell me what you think or ask a question! If you do like what you see and find your self coming here a lot please do consider following my blog. ^_^

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This was made for me by Alleria who's been whipping these up at the haven. ^_^ They are lot's of fun and I was the first recipient! YAY! Pretty sure those Special concerns would get me a discount at most store's. what do you think?

I'm wondering how many out there know that I insert page breaks into some of these posts and keep talking? I normally try to give a heads up, but like this post I don't always do it. So maybe I should always give a heads up when I keep on talking. Live and learn!

And today's question is more of a comment from Stacy

(I really, really want a massage like that. Seriously -the full massage -mmmm. Hey I'm going to be one of those girls doing the shopping and Finsishing School routine, but I'll be listening for your screams in the ductwork when I'm lying around in my)

I'm glad you liked that caption sweetie. ^_^ As I said, I've always wanted to use one of those set's, the expression's in them are usually priceless and just perfect for the sort of story I go for. 

I think Stacy is still having some comment issue's for blogger, which is a real shame since her msg got cut off. But, I believe she was refereeing near the end there that I've started to play at the D+X Institute  and am making my way through the arrival thread. This is my second time giving D+X a try, the first time I didn't get an intro and was told to just jump in. It was a very big place and I had no clue on what I was doing, I found it odd that I wasn't helped along at the first, but this go around seems to be going much MUCH better! ^_^ 

OHH! And I met a hypnotist online! Some of you might not be into that, or laughed a little at my excitement for it. But I'm just ecstatic! I didn't even know he really practiced hypnotism, I just thought we shared a common interest and make a new friend. But hey presto! I've gone into a trance twice. ^_^ No, I'm afraid I will not tell you where I met him, who he is, or anything like that. Not becuase I'm being selfish, but becuase I wouldn't want him to be overwhelmed with anything. I'm sorry, but I just thought I would share in my excitement! :D I'm also still capping, no worries there!

Today's page breakless post is brought to you by D+X! ^_^

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

 Brand new cap up today! I've always wanted to use one of these Massage set's, but never had a story for it. But I think I came up with something that not only works out great for this story, but maybe something I can revisit in the future.

And don't worry, if your just looking for something really hot and sexy to read, then I think you won't be disappointed here. ^_^

Saturday, June 4, 2011

So thanks to the little news post yesterday and normally waiting to post anything new for a couple of days after I post something for friends and fellow blogger's (to give it enough screen time) I can get behind on my blog posts. Of course some times that's more about personal issues and wanting to be sure I always have something new to post for you all.

Which is what this cap here is to help make up for. Thought you all might like just a pure button pusher with a fun plot. (it sounds fun to me!) Hope you enjoy! ^_^

Friday, June 3, 2011

Please Read!

I don't post anything personal really on my blog, i like to keep it focused on what you all come here for. ^_^ But this isn't something personal for just me, but possibly everyone in the TG/TF Community. I'll repost the article that I read over at the haven,  Transformative honeymoons and thoughts of a random transexual.

Please take a few moments of your time to help out the community. If you need more reason's for why this isn't a good thing for us, please check out the petition web link near the bottom of the article and read the listed reasons there. They put it better then I ever could.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Would you believe I made this caption after bob newhart's stand up routine? And would you believe that Deementia guessed that it was the first time? yeah, I don't believe any of that either, but it's true!