Saturday, June 25, 2011

Damn Hormones

Hey yo! Another update and another brand new cap! Yay! This one was interesting in how it came about actually, A friend over at a site I frequent got in touch with me about my blog. She told me how much she enjoyed my captions, and asked if i had done any pregnant caps.

I haven't done to many of those really, But was interested in giving it another shot. So I asked her what sort of stuff she was looking for in a preggers cap, when she mentioned embarrassment and humiliation, I knew it wouldn't be THAT hard for me. *giggle* So please enjoy my 4th pregnant cap ever! yay!

And continue on if you want to read my latest answer from form spring. ^_^

(How I can be like you? )

Such A flattering thought, you want to be like me? *blush* Well, I guess it's how much you mean that, do you mean exactly like me? Running a caption blog site, playing games, loving horror movies, flirting, crossdressing, modding over at the haven, making wonderful friends, etc. all the small and big things that make me, me. there's really no way to answer that, you could try to follow in my own foot steps, but in the end you would still be your own person. And that is really something special.  ^_^ And who ever it is that asked this question, I would love to get to know the person you are right now.

of course, there's always room for improvement, even for me. (god knows there's plenty to improve upon..) besides my own medical issues and personal family issues, everything else is just what I picked up over the years and seemed to work for me. for example, when I first started to join in at TG community sites  I was very shy, for a while even was just a lurker. Not saying anything, it changed when I felt that I wanted to reach out to others like me and shared my same interests.

From there I just started to grow out of my shell, and while there was plenty of people I looked up too, I didn't set out to be just like them. I set out to make myself stand out, make me unique by just being me. Couple of my early tricks was using mila as my avatar and this ^_^ as my signature smiley.  But even though I had those things to make my posts stand out, I still felt like I was just getting to know my self all over again as well.

Jennifer, my female online personality, is very different from my real world self, but at the same time, not really. Jennifer can show more emotions, share more about her self and also unwind a little better then Jeremy can. in a lot of ways, Jennifer is the whole me untethered by the limitations I feel hold me back in the real world. I was always the strong one in the family, both physically and emotionally. So, it's very hard for me to show a softer side, I can cut up like I do online, but it's a very different feeling. I feel more free in my femme persona, more like my self and not as worried as being seen in a certain light. (some of my friends might find that part hard to believe, but it's true. *giggle*)

So, I guess what I'm saying is, if you want to be like me, then just start exploring part's of your self. do the things your comfortable with doing, take some baby steps and venture on out and see where your experiences take you. Maybe start chatting with people online like I did? or meet up with like minded people in person? (be safe on that one!) Maybe you can start capping a little your self, try and start up your own blog or join one of the many wonderful TG related forums like I did many years ago,  such as the haven or one of the many Roleplay sites out there like D+X institute or Locked in lace. Before you know it, you have carved out a little niche for your self and hopefully, are happy with your own person. Just try what feels good for you and if you seen anything I do that you think you would enjoy, then by all means, go for it!


Anonymous said...

I love the image and the caption it is perfect she (he) must be so humilated that his wife up and left and not only that but his soaps got cancelled. Things cant get much worse.... or can they....

Caitlyn Masked said...

Still not a pregnant fan, but I think you did a great job with this Jennifer! A lot of humiliation, and your description of the symptoms rocks!

Dee Mentia said...

I am going to focus on your answer to the question. I have no idea who wrote it (though I would assume that it had something to do with your captioning prowess) but it was an incredibly well thought out answer.

When we talked yesterday, I felt like you had such a weight lifted off your shoulders. It made me feel so good to see that, and with the week I was having, any good news was GREAT news for me.

And for the hypothetical questioners out there reading ... take that advice Jennifer has offered .. its the best free words of wisdom you'll see for a long time.

Jennifer said...

@ Anonymous

I'm very happy you enjoyed this one. And the soaps canceled line just sort of came to me, mostly because I think it's day's of our lives was recently canceled. thought it was kinda funny, but also humiliating that such a thing would get her so upset.

@ Caitlyn

I don't really go for pregnant caps either, but I like exploring different themes and expanding what I'm capable of as a writer. Glad you enjoyed . ^_^

@ Dee
Thank you very Much Dee. *blush* I figured it may have been more about how to make captions as well, but my advice still fits. I didn't get to where I am now over night, my first few captions and even my first few blog posts show that it took time for me to get a feel for what I was doing and who I am. Sort of like feeling around in the dark for the light switch.

And I do feel that there's a weight that's been lifted off of me. for a long time those oppressive feelings had tied me up, crushed me under their hold they had over me. It was humiliating, frustrating, and even confusing. But I feel much better here and now, in this moment. I'm very glad that I could provide you with GREAT news when you needed it. I'm glad also that we were able to briefly discuss it.

Now, of course that's not to say I won't have more problems in the future. but I'm very proud and happy with how I feel now about those past issues.

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