Thursday, June 9, 2011

Got my girl card! Geust Cap!

This was made for me by Alleria who's been whipping these up at the haven. ^_^ They are lot's of fun and I was the first recipient! YAY! Pretty sure those Special concerns would get me a discount at most store's. what do you think?

I'm wondering how many out there know that I insert page breaks into some of these posts and keep talking? I normally try to give a heads up, but like this post I don't always do it. So maybe I should always give a heads up when I keep on talking. Live and learn!

And today's question is more of a comment from Stacy

(I really, really want a massage like that. Seriously -the full massage -mmmm. Hey I'm going to be one of those girls doing the shopping and Finsishing School routine, but I'll be listening for your screams in the ductwork when I'm lying around in my)

I'm glad you liked that caption sweetie. ^_^ As I said, I've always wanted to use one of those set's, the expression's in them are usually priceless and just perfect for the sort of story I go for. 

I think Stacy is still having some comment issue's for blogger, which is a real shame since her msg got cut off. But, I believe she was refereeing near the end there that I've started to play at the D+X Institute  and am making my way through the arrival thread. This is my second time giving D+X a try, the first time I didn't get an intro and was told to just jump in. It was a very big place and I had no clue on what I was doing, I found it odd that I wasn't helped along at the first, but this go around seems to be going much MUCH better! ^_^ 

OHH! And I met a hypnotist online! Some of you might not be into that, or laughed a little at my excitement for it. But I'm just ecstatic! I didn't even know he really practiced hypnotism, I just thought we shared a common interest and make a new friend. But hey presto! I've gone into a trance twice. ^_^ No, I'm afraid I will not tell you where I met him, who he is, or anything like that. Not becuase I'm being selfish, but becuase I wouldn't want him to be overwhelmed with anything. I'm sorry, but I just thought I would share in my excitement! :D I'm also still capping, no worries there!

Today's page breakless post is brought to you by D+X! ^_^


Samantha said...

well, I think a lot of us have your card
number memorized (I got it, I got it,
I got your number on a wall, I got it,
I got it, for a good time call ...867-5309)
Hypnotism on-line sounds like fun, but
(cluck, cluck) I'm pretty sure (moo)
I can't be (woof) hypnotized.
(PS -it was a browser issue I'm using
Firefox, and it seems to work

Dee Mentia said...

Kewl about the hypnotist thing. I would love to be hypnotized, even if it was just to relax and let things go. I have some erotic hypnosis mp3's that I listen to, but they don't do too much, since I'm quite tweaky LOL They usually can take a bit of edge off me though at least. I wondered if a live person would help.

I don't usually have issues with jump cuts on your posts since I arrive from the dashboard on my blog. Perhaps others should just follow you and can tell when you've posted through their own dashboard?

PS. I think you should either post your comment on my latest blog post (a caption I made for you) to your blog, or steer people towards the posting on my site. What you wrote about Dom/sub ... I think would resonate more with your followers. Perhaps they would be able to discuss it further. Either way, it should be read. I give you full permission to post what I wrote about the caption here if you would like to post it all on this blog.

Jennifer said...

@ Dee
I enjoyed your caption and the blog post for me. I'll repost what I said, But I did make a revised post for it. I felt that I got off topic a bit and didn't get to the bullet points that I wanted to address. I also didn't get to answer your question in the first post, I think the new post gets my point across a lot clearer and say's it more plainly.

And I didn't know if you had read that post or not. I brought up a few things in that post for the "sorry to bother you sir" Caption, and was more then a simple re-post from the haven. So I had started to question if people knew that I do still talk past the page break.

And as far as the hypnotist goes, I have tried my hand at those type of Mp3's, but the experience with a real person has gone much deeper. Not only do I understand that what I'm feeling is how I should be feeling, but I also don't have to rewind the recording if I don't get as relaxed as I should. So far I have had 2 trigger's put in, but they need some reinforcement, and both are geared toward putting me under even deeper. My experience's as a sub have really helped actually, I was already used to putting my self aside and following order's.

venatus said...

hehe, that card is pretty cute and clever, and they might give you more then a discount, especially if you go somewhere staffed by teenage boys ;)

glad to hear your hypnosis experience is going a lot better then my first go with a live hypnotists.

btw is it just me or does the text in that last paragraph get smaller.

Anonymous said...

I am the hypnotist working with Jennifer. I figured I'd drop by to answer any questions that might come up.

While I'd like to be able to help everyone, I do have limited I will remain anonymous for now.

venatus said...

well if questions are alright, how did you learn hypnosis, and anywhere you'd recommend to meet a friendly hypnotist.

Stephen said...

I want one :)

Alectra said...

I have mine too ^^
Lets go shopping eh, eh, eh
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: That hypno thing sound a bit frightening eh, eh, eh... >.>

Anonymous said...

Due to limits on time and finances, my hypnosis education has been mostly self-directed. I've read everything I can find on the topic including books, websites, medical studies, etc. There's also countless webcasts, podcasts, and useful YouTube videos out there if you are careful in your selective process. The basic principles of hypnosis are straight-forward and easy to learn. It's the subtle nuances that take years of modeling and mentoring to pick up.

It sounds like you had either a 'bad' or a 'meh' hypnosis experience previously. Rest assured that there are plenty of good and friendly hypnotists out there. There's also a lot of internet posers who think that knowing the basics is enough to handle any situation. You should always have a good discussion with your potential hypnotist before doing any hypnosis with them. If they say that isn't needed, they are either cocky, or they are inexperienced.

Over the years, I've found many mentors on a site called It is a discussion forum for professional hypnotists. When last I checked, there was still a group set aside for doing Skype sessions...I think in many cases for free.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I typed up and posted a long answer to your question, and it looks like Blogger ate it because of the link I included.

My study of hypnosis has been a long-term self-directed hobby that started when I was in 8th grade. It's been many years and many books, videos, podcasts, webcasts, etc. since those humble and horribly ineffective beginnings.

Over the past couple of years, I've found Hypnothoughts (just add a dot com to the end) to be an excellent source of information and a good place to meet and learn from some of the best professional hypnotists. There is even a group dedicated to hypnosis over Skype there, and I believe some do them for free as extra 'practice'. Granted, you may end up working with a newbie, but they will generally just have completed an in-person training course. A trained newbie is still better odds than a lot of other places.

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