Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just updating

Opps! Caught me with my drawers down
So today's post is sort of a what's what and what's going sort of thing. I have been capping lately, not as much as I would like. But It's at least something. ^_^ yay!

My Jennifer story has been on my mind and I think I might be ready to delve back into it. Although, a recent hard drive crashed wiped all the pics I had for it, including around.. 39'000 others! Yeah.. Now I have to gather new stuff up and find what I can of the stuff I did have. ugh.. But I have fun with that and normally find some sort of inspiration in it when I do. So, I'm looking at it as win. I get an excuse to search for more pics and you all possibly get more caps!

Still in debt at the haven, but working my way through that slowly but surely. It's one of the major reasons I haven't picked up my Jennifer story in some time, I feel bad doing something just for my self when I owe some returns.

I'm still planing the interactive caption mentioned only briefly about a month or more back. I'll have to explain that in a more detailed post, but it includes reader participation through comments. It sounds like a fun one!


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