Saturday, June 18, 2011

Early Mornings

I was recently asked if I had any Pregnant captions up on my blog, and while I have made some, I didn't think I had any of them posted. So this is for all of my reader's that enjoy this theme, I hope you like it!

Read on past the page break for a little rambling.

Not too much to say, except that I was really pleased with how all of this came together. It's far removed from my normal captions of unhappy beginnings and horrific endings. Sure, it starts out a little forced, but I think anyone would feel a little uneasy and out of sorts after a change like this.

This was done for davewashere and his two for one deal over at the haven.  in the rule's he suggested to show her "getting pregnant." Now normally I would take that as, "hop in the sack and opps! Came a little too soon." But I was also busy looking around for some fun new pics and I just so happened to stumble across this one. I also was trying to shake things up with new themes, new idea's, just different concepts altogether.

So that show her Getting Pregger's Suggestion turned into, really showing the different stages of her pregnancy. All of it wrapped up in a sweet and heart warming story. I surprised a few people with this caption actually, they didn't know I could make something sweet, joyful, and a bit of romanticism mixed in. But truth be told, I am a romantic at heart. Even my desires for a Mistress is deeply rooted in wanting a romantic, caring, deeply loving and trusting relationship with a woman.

It's just most of the time, the things that push my buttons are the harder, darker, twisted tales And it's also what I will first come to mind. Part of it is my preference, part of it is tradition and out of habit, And another part is just that is what I think I do well. I've discussed a couple of time's my reasons for getting into capping and sticking with it, But I also read caps to push my buttons almost 9 times out of 10. I can enjoy a well told story that does nothing for me sexually, but If I had my choice I would like it if the caption speaks to me on many different lvls. And that includes pushing my buttons, making me laugh, sad, etc. So that's what I normally try to do and it's sort of a reflex to come up with something forced and horrific by now.

Guess I had more to say then I thought..


Dee Mentia said...

I think you caught all the most wonderful things about pregnancy, as experienced by someone that was once a man. The photos just really enhanced what you had written, but it'd have been a great caption no matter what picture you used.

venatus said...

very very sweet cap. it's lovely and I wish could say this better.

Samantha said...

yes, very sweet, sensitive, insightful,
elegant, just lovely....
(of course I'm teasing you, but it really
is a nice caption)

Caitlyn Masked said...

I will bow my head in shame and admit it. Once I saw a preggers body in the thumbnail, I skipped this one by. But I finally got around and read it... and I am so sorry for missing out on this wonderful cap.

I think it has a very warm and loving feel, and the fact that you can write that way doesn't surprise me in the least!

Brava! said...

More pregnant caps, especially where the wife makes the husband pregnant to put him in the humiliating place he wanted to force into i.e. breeder and milk source

Anonymous said...

This is the second preggo I've read and the first was yours too. You definitely have me much more interested in these than I thought I would be. Love the gradual change from stuck to willing and the sweet, gradual deepening of intimacy. Hot and romantic! You make me want to try for a baby with a transwoman.

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