Thursday, June 23, 2011

So everyone cool? I'm going to guess and say you are. *giggle* I'm doing pretty well, but kinda embarrassed to throw this caption up today. Story is nice, great picture. But there is (was) some bad typo's in this one. (fun = phone? huh?)

And I'm surprised that no one ever said anything over at the haven. Sort of thing that makes you think people just blow through your cap and are just saying they enjoyed it. (it's was a really bad typo) But maybe no one else noticed it too?  I mean, I didn't notice till today. (I noticed two typos really)

UPDATE: I no longer have the original file to fix it, so I had to put the jpeg into comic life and place text boxes over the problem text fields. Not ideal, but at least I got it fixed.


Dee Mentia said...

Usually if it is only one or two errors, I let it slide, since I don't want to see like a Typo Nazi.

The other thing is, our brains are made to read things correctly, even if they are spelled wrong. Hell, I can't tell you how many times my brain has read something and thought it was another thing. Big example, a few weeks ago, I thought I read, "Giant Tomato Slams Midwest" ... Was like WHOA! I knew they should have stopped genetically engineering plant life!

Its probably that I was more interested in Giant Tomatoes than Giant Tornadoes.

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