Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sorry to bother you sir

Would you believe I made this caption after bob newhart's stand up routine? And would you believe that Deementia guessed that it was the first time? yeah, I don't believe any of that either, but it's true!

I was very surprised the first time I got it in my head to base a caption on bob newhart in anyway, but it worked out surprisingly well I think. Of course I knew I had to make it for Dee over at deelusions of grandeur, she enjoys pop culture references and off the wall ideas and does a great job of blending them in with the usual TG aesthetics. In fact, I think she's one of the best caption authors that deal with that sort of thing.

My own attempts at that sort of thing could be likened to getting hit on the head with a book full of quotes from cult classics or video games. Which isn't a bad thing, but I'm always impressed with how Dee can make a subtle reference here and there and not derail the story.

That's why I'm very proud of this caption here, I think out of all of the captions I've done for Dee over the years, this is the closest I've come to matching her style and I think also matching what she looks for in a caption. You don't have to know a thing about bob newhart or his stand up too enjoy the caption, but for those that do it ad's it's own little charm to it I think. Oh, and if you don't know of Bob newhart or his stand-up, then you should fix that right away! ^_^

The picture changed up my original idea, but i thought the girl in the picture was just a perfect match for the story. Not to mention that she's only wearing stockings and heels, which is something Dee enjoys quite a bit. In the end I some how turned a very cute story of king kong and a night watchman's first day on the job, into a cute smuty office cap.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Great cap. I am not a Bob Newhart fan by any means, but I do know his cadence of speaking, and I could picture this coming from him. And I hvae to say I'm loving the design. Everything from the gradient background, the gradient text boxes, the off kilter text, and sometimes overlaying text boxes... it all just works to give it that frantic feel that goes with the conversation. And of course the picture is perfect. Wonderful Job Jennifer!

Sissy Princess said...

I never would have thought Bob Newhart if you hadn't mentioned it, but I can totally hear his voice in her words. You absolutely nailed it!

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