Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One more taste commentary

I meant to put up this post yesterday, but I had some things to take care of over at the haven. But, here's today's follow up to one more taste.

But first, I have a question!

(how long you been at this) 
I've been at this since around 2003 or 04 I think. I had started at the Feeling Feeme Sanctuary, (back then it was The Bimbo Sanctuary) And began capping there and kept it up for about a year. Then I was invited to help beta test the haven, that went on for a year till it finally opened it's doors to everyone. I haven't made many caps compared to some, But I also never gave up the drive to want to make more captions. I've been doing this blog for about 3 years now and have had a real blast with it. ^_^
Spoilers ahead for One more taste

I said I was going to go into more details about one more taste, but I'm having a hard time starting up. So, I guess I should just start from the beginning.

First off, the story is a direct follow up to My name is. I mention it in the beginning of the story and even use one of the pics from that set when it starts to transition into the memory. I knew that I wanted to continue that plot before I even started work on my name is. I just wasn't sure that I could carry a story that long with just the widow changing and being used by all of the slave traders, it would have still been just as long as this one was, but only the widow.

That's when I got the idea to include caitlyn in the story, she has really enjoyed the previous widow's story's, and it's very fitting that I played off of one her turned girls. I didn't get to do that with any of the other widows victims, just highlighting how she stalks her prey and her personality. But Smitty's Suckubi tales had done this sort of thing a bunch of times, so i really wanted to give it a shot my self.

Caitlyn was the first person that i thought of adding to the story, the whole plot seemed to unfold and what I thought would end up as a dull sexual orgy of the widow hunting her prey, turned into a very sexy plot that was centered around her. It was just a perfect match and surprisingly easy to fit in her prefs with the suckubus Universe. It was just the layouts that took me quite a while to do.. That and the end of it was a little harder to wrap up and find just the right pictures for it.

The clouds effect for the memory transition was just a little experimentation to try and illustrate the powers of the Widow. The little fading thing she does at the end of the 2nd panel is a trick I've seen in comics and manga's before, so I thought it helped to illustrate that scene change to the memory all the more. I was a little worried i was either not using enough clouds, or too many clouds in the cap. not enough and it would look poor and loose it's effect some, and too much and it just ruins the cap, Think I made the right decision.

My favorite, and seems to be everyone Else's, is the one on one conversation with the widow. it's also where I put the most attention to detail as well. All of the backgrounds were had picked by me after hours of searching for flower wallpaper's. i went with flowers becuase, well thats what the widow kept comparing Caitlyn too. Besides the sexual innuendo behind it, it was also showing that Caitlyn was just starting to bloom as a suckubi and the widow's passion she had felt for her. The fact that there was someone who was relatively innocent in one of the worst places in the world excited her. And she hates goody two shoes, so it was confusing and new to her.

So the one on one chat with caitlyn had to be different and had to be special. The text that shows up in the first couple of pages for the scene was also an attempt to convey that. For one, it showed the special connection she had with her daughters and the hold she had over them, and it also helped to show that she was very passionate towards caitlyn, the widow was having a hard time expressing her self, so she fell back into controling self. if you notice, the words sometimes curl up and caress Caitlyn. Like the widow was soaking up every moment with her new pet. Which she was.. ^_^

Believe it or not, the last pic of caitlyn is from another series of pics altogether, I needed something that fit the end better then what was in the pink bedroom set. So a little editing took care of the green stuff, you might still be able to make it out, but i think it works. And there's even some clue's in the widow's/Tommy's text to let you know that it's actually the widow speaking. The way she trails off in mid sentence is something the widow did at the beginning when she was talking to the head man of the whole operation. It's sort of a quirk of her's to just trail off like what your concerned with isn't that important to her.

Not to mention that some of the thing's the widow was saying was the sort of stuff she was trying to say earlier to caitlyn. It's very fitting too that the widow had to hide to show her true feelings, since Caitlyn uses this as her signature on the haven. Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. She wanted to tell caitlyn that she was special, that she meant something to her and had reignited a spark. But the Widow only knew how to answer back with cruelty and just getting what she wanted, faking any other emotions she might feel. But in Caitlyn, she saw a vessel, someone to live through and almost be reborn.

Because Caitlyn didn't deserve it, the widow never would have sucked him dry if he hadn't been there. it was so puzzling to her, but it also showed her that caitlyn was just like all of the girls the widow pretends to be when she hunts her prey. She was a nice guy/girl that was in a situation way over her head, it was unfair to caitlyn but completely against her power to change it. So the widow saw someone that she could use as a tool and someone that could experience everything the widow can't.  Now caitlyn means more to her then just an object, But it took disguising her self as tommy before she would ever admit that. it's just such a shame that the widow only knows one way to show affection...

And almost done with my stream of consciousness commentary here, but I wanted to talk about the plot twists in the caption. First, the twist of focusing mostly on Caitlyn. I already talked about that, but I think putting Caitlyn in the staring role gave the series the extra ompf! that the story needed. Second, the twist on Caitlyn being the bosses son helped to explain why he was there, why he put up with everything, and also brought her back to the start, even this despicable person had something to lose and could shake him to his very core. So when i finally switched back to the present, it was almost like two different people, the widow had attacked him through his son. Which is another reason the widow picked caitlyn like she did.

and finally, the new power I had introduced in this caption. I'm pleased as punch that Smitty and caitlyn enjoyed that twist, I knew i needed to do something that would shock and surprise the reader's. Smitty dose it often, if not every time with the suckubi story's he's made and it was something I hadn't done yet. I was pretty nervous about adding in anything that might change up the suckubi's arsenal, but I guess I have a pretty good handle on what they are all about becuase it went over very well.

The text box trick was the work of hours of manipulation, i can't begin to tell you how i did it, Because it's actually a glitch, that's not what's supposed to happen, but it's how I wanted to do it. I'm not sure why, but for some reason the black text box over another text box wouldn't show up and let me bland them with one another. Every time i tried it would just obscure one another, but after about 20 try's it finally worked! i really have no clue how or why, but it wouldn't have worked better if I did anything else. So I'm happy I got it to work some how.

Ok, I think I'm done for now. i was more or less just writing up things that came to mind as I was writing the post. It's just a little bonus commentary for the series becuase of how much work and effort I put into it. I'm just very pleased with how it turned out and that Smitty and Caitlyn enjoyed it as much as they did.