Thursday, May 5, 2011

I know everyone must be breaking their neck to come and see what the title for today's post is all about, so I'll get right to it! heh

(What is the worst caption you've ever made, and what would you do now to fix it?)  

Click the title to see my answer!

Well, there's a few I might put in this category, but if I had to pick just the one it would be this one right here. It started as a fun concept to try and make a trailer for a TG Movie. Sounds good right? The idea works I guess, but it's the huge error in the story that earns it the title of "worst cap ever". Besides the typos in the cap, (almost all of my stuff has that anyway.) It's called "My summer as a cheerleader" but it takes place around Halloween... I would like to say that I was drunk or something, but at best it was just a little late when I wrote this up.

Now, I can sort of explain how it happened. I first got the idea to do some summer popcorn flick caption and would work out the details of the story later once I got to writing it up. The title for the caption came first,  But yeah.. I should have worked on the details for the story first instead. because once I got started I had the brilliant idea to throw in a Halloween party to explain away the reason for dressing up in the first place. Completely forgetting that It takes place in the summer.. I just thought, "Halloween! Duhuh! sound's good" (I LOVE Halloween!)

It's not even the worst part really, when I finally found out about the mistake it was like 2 years later when someone pointed out the error to me. This was after I had gotten quite a few comments for it, not only on the haven but at the Feeling femme sanctuary. It was at the sanctuary where I got the comment about the error, but since it's a ms paint cap I can't really fix it with out doing it all over again.

And as far as what I would do to fix it? Change the party to some summer weekend party probably. But I have done something similar to this concept recently and it came out sooo much better!


smitty said...

I would say my worst series cap is

It's not sexy, funny, interesting, or thought provoking. I tried shoe horning Roscoe into a series as a where is he now story, and it fell completely flat. If I was to redo it, I'd make Rosco more secondary and make it a more steamy seduction from the girl's perspective.

I think I could do a series like that and reintroduce Rosco in a way that even those who has no idea who he was would be interested. I might try that...

Caitlyn Masked said...


I don't think this is that bad of a caption. I'll agree, that its probably the worst of yours... but that is still pretty good. I really like the concept idea... the movie trailer. And I think you capture the 'voice' of that pretty good. In all honesty I didn't catch the Halloween/summer aspect, but the typos capitalization, and punctuation definitely took me 'out' of the cap.

I think the fact that this is an MS paint cap, it feels 'worse' than it really is. The black text on th white background leaves no room for mistakes. If it had a pretty background, a nice colored text background, and some bordering, it might be more acceptable.

Alectra said...

My worst caption, my worst caption nope i'm a fucking genious ^.^'

No just teasing...

My worst caption should be this one...

It was one of the first cap i did for the blog and now that i look at it, i'm ashamed of myself for creating such a bad...
Maybe i will have to revisit it again, i mean i should have waited to make this one...
It's seem a bit forced, i didn't know at that moment how to transform Jonathan and came up with this very stupid manner just for holding the sunglasses of another person, he transformed itself into her, where does that leave the other person?, that's is one the reason i hate it now ^-^
Another reason is that i didn't played enough with font colors or background so is rather dull and don't express too much.
So yeah that is my worst cap, at least i think it so...
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Jennifer said...

@ smitty
I haven't read alot about rosco, but I think the caption would have had a bigger impact if it followed just her. I really enjoyed the fact she was so willing and had asked for him to change her.The idea for rosco sounds like a good one.

@ Caitlyn

The MS Paint look is another reason I think this one is my worst cap. But I just couldn't get over that error, even if it's not always noticed.The typos and everything is another huge eye sore for me.

But thank you about the voice, I thought I didn't do such a bad job with that. ^_^

@ Alectra

I've seen Transformations like that before in a few TG caps before and I just thought that she meant to change him with the glasses.

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