Saturday, February 5, 2011

Questions answered!

And not to mention another caption for today.I made this for lexxstrum as a reward for the save the Rachel drive that is going on right now over at that the haven. If you want to support a great cause and get a few captions at the same time, you should check it out!

I really liked how this one turned out. But the tag line was all thanks to Mistress Simone ( Modern Goddess: The Shrine of Decadence)
 She gave many wonderful suggestions until finally we came to the one you see here in the caption. Not sure why I never tried a horror themed TG caption before... But now I have and I hope you all enjoy it. ^_^

I have to say, I'm missing posting up a new piece of the story each day. I'm eager to get started on the next story arc and I can see from the comments that so is everyone else! That's just.. wow. You guys are awesome!

Now on to the questions. 

(Hey! what happens when I type something in this box? I've been way too busy lately, but I hope to have a little more time now - looks like you are having fun, and enjoying yourself - I hope so - take care.)

It asks me a question. ^_^ And yes, I am enjoying my self and it's great to hear you might have more time to mess around soon. I'm going to guess and say this is Samantha. (or is that Stacy?) I hope all is well with you and things are steadily getting better, I've been wondering how your appointment's have been going and how you are doing.  I wish you the best of luck! ^_^

 (terrific tale/(tail?). d/k why you just think it's personal for you tho! luvving it - jojo) 

Thank you for the wonderful comment. ^_^ I think it's personal for me since I'm striping my self a bit bare to put Jennifer in her fantasy worlds, But there's no reason why you and others can't find it personal too. And I'm flattered that you do! *blush* I'm sure many people can relate to some of the fantasy's I've presented in my captions over the years, stuff they find erotic but would never want to come close to in real life. Like the coin operated blow job machine and the brainwashing sissy school Jennifer mentions in the story. I love that sort of stuff in captions, but if it were to really happen it would be a nightmare! (I guess the brainwashing would take care of that though.)


venatus said...

a fun little cap. and like I said on the haven, I would check out this movie in a heartbeat.

Samantha said...

That is seriously warped ^-^, but yes I can
tell you are enjoying yourself. Things are
steadily getting better for me. It's suprising
how things get better when you really work
at making them better -well Duh Samantha,
I just can't let fear hold me back.
Tuesday is session #2, I'm so looking forward
to it.

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