Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bar fly

I can't Guarantee that I will continue to update every single day like I have been doing, but I also didn't want to disappoint any of my readers out there with nothing new to view today.

Which brings us to today's caption. The idea was simple, what was she looking at? heh, I decided that it was a bar she was nervous/excited about entering. I just needed a reason for why she had to visit the bar and why she was a she at all in the first place. I figured the bar is where Henri picked up his little fling that he cheated on his wife with, so it became the place for the rest of his punishment.

The idea of him taking his wife's powers as a witch for granted sounded like a fun one. I grew up watching bewitched and Daren did it all the time! I'm still not sure why she put up with him acting like he was in charge, she obviously had the power to rip him a new one. So what if Daren cheated on her? That was sort of the inspiration for this caption here, I didn't rip off bewitched directly but the idea of knowing your wife is a witch and then betraying her in some way made for a fun story I think. ^_^


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