Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More stuff answered.

Here's another reply to my little from spring gadget to the top right of the page.

(hey thx for the mention. I'm flattered. yes, i agree that if it were to happen in real life it'd be a nightmare (decided not to correct the Freudian typo) but the tantalizing question is just how far can you push it - when you so want to push it - before) 

The reply gets cut off, but I thought I would address the question of how far I can push the darker fantasy's that might show up in the future of the story.  I've made lots of darker story's over the years and though most come from my own twisted thoughts, I have never put my self in the story's them self's. 

All of them push my buttons in some way, but for this story it will be a little different seeing as how it's not only me in the story, but I'm aware that all the nasty stuff that could possibly take place is because of me as well. So just fantasizing about a slave auction (for example) is one thing, writing it out with actual consequences is going to be a marked difference. For one, I want to keep the fantasy's erotic and enjoyable for the readers and my self the writer. But at the same same time I want to show that these fantasy's should remain just that! 

It will be a hard balance to pull off, but I'm very excited about giving it a shot.  If any one is wondering when the next installment is coming, I'm afraid It will have to wait for the time being. I'm helping out with some rewards at the haven and have some caption debt to take care of.  Don't hold me to this, but I hope to get started on the next story arc this month.

I'm sorry I didn't get the rest of your comment, but if you would like you can post the rest of it in the comments section. ^_^ 

P.S. Sorry there is no caption with today's post, I want to keep a considerable back log of captions so I can always have something new to post to the blog in case something comes up in real life. I wouldn't want to run out and not be able to find the time to write up a new one for the post.  And lately I've had quite a few personal problems That I'm trying to over come. I want to thank, Ashley Caitlyn, Cindy, Dee, Jamie, Mistress Simone, Nick, Samantha, Sasha, And Smitty for all of their wonderful support. I know I can be hard to deal with, but I hope you all understand it's a problem I have had all my life and if I could, I would make it go away and just enjoy your friendships. They all mean a lot to me.


sasha said...

Thanks for forgetting about me slut! You must have had a lot of cock in your mouth and all that cum killed your brain cells.

Jennifer said...

Naw, that's because you aggravate it. :P

I just edited it, of course you know you have helped me out a lot lately as well.

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