Thursday, February 3, 2011

It won't be easy

 First of all, I want to thank Caitlyn from Caitlyn's mask's (Caitlyn's Masks) for editing today's Picture. She added the color that you see and even the little glimpse of a collar on her neck. She also made various color variations until I finally decieded on the pink and teal look. Thanks bunch's!

Read the caption before reading the rest of this post first.

And as for the story today, I figure if you find your self in a made up fantasy world, then things won't be all joy and sunshine running through the flowers. There's always the question of how did I get here and will I get out? So I think it's natural for Jennifer to be enjoying her self one moment, and then worried the next.

The black and white look with a slight bit of color should suggest that Jennifer is losing her grip, if only for a moment. And the fact that the voice points out the door to her before she knows it's there is another clue that Jennifer isn't completely comfortable in the new realm. Basically her thoughts are still a little scattered and though she knows how to conjure up an item or a new body, the voice planted the though in her head and she immediately pictured it next to her. Hopefully suggesting that Jennifer is still vulnerable mentally. Even Jennifer's text boxes are over lapping the picture again, like back when she first woke up in this world.

So there's a couple of the tricks I've been trying to use through out the story, not only are her words voicing her concerns, but each caption has some sort of visual clue as to Jennifer's well being. (Mostly it was the text box thing for the first few.)


Caitlyn Masked said...


Another wonderful cap.I really like how the conversation gets that rushed feeling at one moment, and then harried and hurried the next. It really does come through, and it really does add a lot to the story.

venatus said...

wow, lovely caption and an even greater level of detail then I thought, your truly a craftswomen when it comes to caps.

smitty said...

I love the color work on this. Great job, Caitlyn. And again, the back and forth on this cap is great. Hesitation at the doorstep captured perfectly...

Samantha said...

Heaven's you've been busy -
so much turmoil and struggle,
defining the rules, the boundaries
to who is Jennifer, and just as important who
is she not? Is she still in denial, hard to
tell. No, if she doesn't know who she is -but
if she knows who she is, well that's
different. I dunno, I'll just have to see
where this is going

But it looks like you're having fun girl

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