Sunday, February 27, 2011


Sorry for the delay folks, I'm still having trouble with viewing pictures. >_> Not sure what's going on, I've restarted and cleared my browser cache but it's still giving me trouble.

Anyway, this is a brand new (like, 20 minutes) Caption for Alexia. YAY! ^_^ (Lady Alexia)

I have been having a terrible time with coming up with anything lately. Well, that's not true, I have ideas but I can't seem to get em down on the age. *shrugs* But this picture caught my eye and finally gave me some much needed inspiration!

Don't ready any further if you haven't seen the caption.

I wanted to play up the guilt, anger, and just his over all shock of how much he's changed since being kidnapped a year ago. The soft skin and round curves, the fact that a simple thin chain is keeping him trapped against his will. Trying to convey his last moments of confusion and anger over it all, The frustration of having to finally give in and play along with his tormentors sick plan.
I also tried to work in the small chain and how it's more of an example to the prisoner, proving to the young man once and for all that there is no going back. Showing him how weak he's become, not even bothering to drug him any more. He's simply no threat and might as well accept his new place in life, by being his kidnapper's perfect girlfriend by day and total slut by night!


Caitlyn Masked said...

I really like this one Jennifer! The way the thoughts ram into each other, bouncing back and forth, never really completing a full thought. It all goes to show her state of mind. And that final shout... just wonderful!

Mistress Simone said...

It's delicious, pet. You captured the final break before falling into femininity. I so love this one.

jafox88 said...

please someone due this to me.

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