Thursday, February 24, 2011

And some Q&A

(Why don't you learn when to use " then " and when to use " than "?)
(Why don't you learn when to use " to " and when to use " too "? )

Ohh, ouch! :P Well, I would like to ask you why couldn't you present this question in a more polite manner. But to be honest I didn't know I was doing it. Just like I didn't know I was spelling latter, when I know it's later. It was a subconscious thing, I do it for a lot of stuff, not just "to" and "too", sometimes I forget to check.

I also forget to check proper capitalization and some times have typos and just flat out misspelled words show up in them too. Some times I'll even type up the same word back to back with out even realizing it. I just did it now! With this post! No reason, I know I don't need  2 And's. I just made a mistake while writing out fun erotic story's and then post them here for you all to (hopefully ) enjoy. ^_^

when my muse is going and I'm excited to work on a caption, I get lost in the moment. I try to write from a gut reaction, from the moment I see the picture, to the moment I hit save in comic life I'm mostly on a creative high and I forget to check it five more times before posting it. Now, occasionally I get very paranoid over typos and innocent mistakes and will read and re-read it for a few days, and will even ask 2 to 3 people to help me proof it. Guess what? Some times stuff still gets through! I had to get over my fear of posting something with an error or two a long time ago. Did you know that the recent game dead space 2 had not one, but 3 typos in it? I'm sure there's more, but I'm doing this stuff for free, they spent millions and still had typos.

P.S. You will probably also notice, I have a lot of mistakes with punctuation. Just please be gentle with me.. And thank you caitlyn for the advice! ^_^


venatus said...

people who critisize grammar that harshly, especially when the mistakes dont' affect the readability of the piece are just trolls looking for a reaction or attention.

but don't lie, we know you like it rough :P

Caitlyn Masked said...


What a wonderful reply to such a rude question. I'm glad you took the high road and didn't stoop down to that level as I suggested. You are an inspiration to us all!


I agree completely. Both on the trolls, and Jennifer liking it rough!

Jennifer said...

"blush" Where did you get an idea like that? <_< >_> I love it rough!! :D

Dee Mentia said...

Yikes! I knew about the "latter" vs "later" thing you do, but it is something you do, and it is probably something that happens subconsciously.

I mean, I had a Commodore 64 and back then, if you wanted to run a program, you had to LOAD it into memory. Technically it looked something like this: Load "program",8,1 which mean load the program named program that is stored on the floppy drive (device number 8) and is a binary program (the number 1)

For YEARS afterwards, whenever I would type LOA .. my brain would immediately add the 'D' I can't TELL you home many menus I designed for businesses that had "Meatload w/ Gravy" on it! (I know SOME people here would LOVE that entree!) Sometimes I will add a ",8" at the end of quotes as well.

There has to be a nicer way of saying what they said. I try to never point out in public, things that might need to be corrected. Even then, it is in an email or PM, and only if it affects the way the caption is read.

sasha said...

That's a rude question but then again I had the same type of question posted at the Haven on my caps. You handled it very well Jennifer.

I see lots of mistakes in your caps Jennifer but i figured out you are probably sucking some cock at the same time you make them. I try not to point out stuff like that because, really... who cares? Only anal peeps! No one wants to be anal right?

Jennifer said...

@ Dee

I'm sure there is a nicer way to say it, after all I found out about the latter and later then after you pointed it out to me. It was very civil and friendly, I had no problem with you pointing it out, I even appreciated it and have tried to fix that problem ever since.

But this question came across as very judgmental and condescending. I know that formspring only allows so many characters to ask a question, But it could have still been asked in a more polite manner. Something like "Did you know that you mix up "to" and "too"?"

When ever I see a mistake in a caption or in a post, I get in touch through a PM or IM and let the person know in private. Sometimes the will fix it and other times they say ehh.. who cares?

Meatload with gravy... I can picture the conversation with waitress about that. Me:"umm, what kind of gravy is it?" Waitress: "Oh white gravy, the chef makes it himself." Me: "yummy!"

@ Sasha

I remember you telling me something about that. In fact, you were the person who said, "ehh who cares?"

I know there's lots of mistakes in my work, But I see mistakes in lots of other captions as well. I try to tell the creator about them in private and most will thank me for pointing it out and then fix it right away. I do that too when I have the means to edit the original caption. Chances are great that I didn't even know I made the mistake.

And no one wants to be anal, but some want to get anal...

Mistress Simone said...

I know I make mistakes and I have no problems with fixing them when I can. I always prefer someone pointing them out in PM or IM. Irks me when it's done any other way because it does come off a bit condescending. I have caught problems with caps and I usually try to mention it to people privately because I understand makes are made.

Samantha said...

Back when I was working, I'd always catch sh*t
from people in a "manly" work environment because
I could catch a lot of typo's, spelling errors,
things like that - it was considered kind of
an effeminate skill, so I'm always reluctant
to point out other people's mistakes since
so many guys think it is a really girly thing
to even be aware of these types of mistakes. They really don't bother me, this isn't
work after all. Hey, thanks for your comments!

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