Sunday, February 27, 2011

I need to see black swan

And another question from formspring, this time from the lovely Alexia. ^_^ (Lady Alexia)

Spoilers ahead for the movie Black swan.

I'm sorry about the delay in posting, I was having some problems with loading a picture to the post.  I'll have something up later on.

In the mean time I have a question from Alexia. WOO! ^_^

(Did you know I smiled when watching Black Swan and your avatar was eating her rival out? The point of veiw made me giggle as I thought it looked like a sexy you. Alexia)

 *blush* Such a sexy thought! Thanks so much for thinking of me. ;)  I need to see the movie My self,  But I knew about this scene before the movie started filming. I had been following it's production even before I found out about the lesbian make out scene, but that just made it even more of a must see! *giggle* I hear it's a great movie so I'm looking forward to seeing it.

I need to see a lot her movies actually... and not just her's, I just recently caught the new star trek film, expendables, and kick-ass. All fun flicks! Now to catch piranha...


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