Monday, January 31, 2011

A little further down the Rabbit hole and Jennifer is a little worried about facing her unusual and dark Fantasy's.

I never would really want to be kidnapped and sold off on a slave market. but it's a Fantasy I have listed among other dark Fantasy's In my trade folder on the haven. And if you found your self here at my blog, you probably share a couple of my dark Fantasy's as well. SO I think It's safe to assume you can all understand (or at least get it) where I'm coming from when I say, it's just fantasy's. At best you write up a story or role play it. Not wish for it. But poor little Jennifer might have to do more then just that...

Hope you all enjoy today's post. ^_^

Sunday, January 30, 2011

And part 11 is posted! Wooo! Almost the end of Jennifer's first outing in this world. but I have a few story's planed out for the future this isn't the last!

Jennifer was having fun yesterday with her new found ability's, But she can't forget that the fun basic rules she's been learning and practicing with can also save her.

This part of the story helps answer a couple of questions that were still unclear. (I felt they were.) And I think it helps move the story along while answering them.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

And part 10 is up, YAY! I hope everyone is still with me so far and enjoying this as much I've enjoyed Writing it up. ^_^

Little more character development as the story move's ahead. Fleshing out The relationship between her and the voice guiding her has been great. And I've heard from a couple of friends that have been following the story, that where I'm taking it is exactly as I hoped it would come across. So HOORAY!

And yes, today I did get the lay out right. Sorry about the mistakes I found yesterday, it's fixed now and Ready to read in the lay out I intended.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Work in progress

This is the finished cap, but I thought the title fit for a number of reasons. First, you can already tell there's no female picture so I'm sure you know she's working on the world around her. And also, it helps play up the sort of dynamic Jennifer and the voice in her head will have in the future.

It's been fun building up the two as the story progresses. It's also made me think that anyone she meet's just can't be cookie cutter entity's. So, I'm looking forward to fleshing out new characters for the story.  It will be different from this however, since they may never show up again in the story. They just have to make an impact the first time around.

This post is dedicated to my pet
pookie who passed away close to 3 weeks ago now. I never mentioned it here personally on the blog because I tend to clam up about such things. (but my friends may say different.) But tonight I had a meal that I haven't had in a good while. And from past experience I knew she loved it. So I went to give her a little once I was done, I forgot she wasn't around. so I got a little choked up. Miss her still.

EDIT: I just fixed a problem with the first text box being cut off. I didn't notice it had changed when i made one last edit before posting. Sorry about that!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I really enjoy the title for today's page in the story. I might just reuse it later for something else as well.

I do like sweaters, I don't wear them all the time or anything during the winter months, I just like the look of some of them. I don't think I've ever made a cap featuring one, or have received one as a trade. I'm not even sure if I have it in my prefs on the the haven.. (should fix that.) But I do have a couple of pictures for that sort of thing.

The warm color choices were by accident however. I wish I could say I did that on purpose, but really I liked the look and went with it. plus, I love pink and orange. ^_^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

one and the same

As you can see, poor Jennifer has a lot more to learn before she can go out and find the answers she needs. Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the trip and the set up so far. ^_^

I'm sure there's a couple out there that are hoping I will get to something naughty or really dark some time soon. And while I have a few ideas for Jennifer, anything sexual or dark isn't set up for this story arc. I can however, still post some of my other work to help tide some readers over. So look forward to that. ^_^

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey Beautiful!

Anyone that knows me well enough should know that any caption That I have ever done for my self or thought about doing for my self,  at some point I thought about using Mila kunis As the girl I would become in the story. I've only ever made 3 caps for my self really, (and one of those was a tribute to another caption artist staring me.) And of those 3, only one featured Mila. (it was my attempt at a magazine cover.) Even though I wished I could have used her for all 3.

My point? You should have known I would end up as Mila at some point in this story. ^_^ my friend Sasha (TG captions, comics, images and stories.) Is waiting for me to suck cock at some point, But she should have been waiting for this first, because anything like that is a way's off.

I loved this Picture of Mila sooo much that I even asked my friend  Smitty (Smitty's TG Caps) To cap it for me despite the fact I was going to use it in this story as well. Just look at her expression, it's perfect for a number of TG storys! I would post the link to the caption, but I hope to see it on Smitty's blog some time down the line and maybe even as a guest cap here. :D The caption Deserves a better presentation then just a link in a blog post.

Oh yeah, Thanks for the caps Smitty! loved em!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ask yourself...

So the story is turning out better then I could have hoped to imagine. (for me personally) But for anyone thinking Jennifer isn't much of a 'victim' As I said the character would be, Don't worry! heh, I have some ideas set up and this first story arc is the introduction.

Dee  ( Dee-lusions of Grandeur) Had mentioned in the one of the previous posts of the story about not being sure how many I have planed for the series. To be honest, I don't have a set number. I'm Just letting the story take it's course and fit in the elements that I want in the story. This first story arc could be 15 to 20 caps long, but I hope the length dosen't scare people off.

You may notice a little pink mark in the bottom left corner of the caption. A friend of mine ( SKY'S TG AND OTHER CAPTIONS) Had suggested I should try to make a logo for my caps. I made the joke that what ever I did use, it would probably be something to do with sperm... I wasn't really sure what I could use as a logo, but it's not hard to picture me using something like that. (Hey, it fits.)  And then she Answered back with a little pink cartoon sperm with My blog name around it. I laughed my ass off and thought I would give it a shot. I can't see the words, (She's even yelling out YAY!) But it still works. Thanks Ashley!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

 Jennifer may be getting a grip on her thoughts but that may not be enough to make her way out of the darkness she has found her self in. Perhaps she hit her head on the way down?

I've noticed some speculation in the comments and.. I'm completely elated about that! That says I am making this story captivating enough for the few minutes you visit and read it and Just.. yay! Very happy about that, I just wish I could share them all with you. But As Dee pointed out, posting them once a day like this is sparking more interest then just throwing them all up at once. (thanks to Ashley for the Suggestion! ) I'll try my best to avoid 'jumping the shark'. But who knows what poor lost Jennifer will have to do to find her way out.  :D

Woo! I'm up to part 8 in case anyone is keeping score with what I've already wrote up.  ^_^

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So far the story has been very well received and I've been really happy with how it's progressed. I have quite a few ideas in mind for the future of poor lost Jennifer, But in the mean time it looks like all hope isn't lost just yet!

I would talk more about the creation of the caps already posted and just add some fun commentary, But I would be spoiling a very new story so I can't do that here in the main body of the post. Maybe I can start in the comments section.. hmm..

P.S. I would take these Ruby lips over ruby slippers any day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

OK! so if the first one set up the confusion and change, this one sets up.. well, you might just have to read it to find out. ^_^

I had to go back and rewrite the next 3 installments though. something i said in part 3 didn't mesh well with the story as it unfolded. Don't worry, I already have part 3 wrote out and the problem fixed. I just need to get the others done now...

This might be a little different then some people were expecting, but thats part of the fun right? Watching how the story unfolds and what's going on. hopefully your as lost as poor Jennifer is, but eager to find out whats going on. like Jennifer! :D

Hey everyone! I have a brand new caption today and it's the start of an on going story that I hope everyone will enjoy. ^_^ Chatting with many other caption authors over the years I've learned that many of them have recurring characters in their stories.

Mostly themselves and they are in a dom role or antagonist in some way. Recently I've been talking with smitty and simone (Smitty's TG Caps Modern Goddess: The Shrine of Decadence ) about their work and my own. Smitty gave the suggestion that I should make my own Character that I can use in upcoming captions. I loved the idea!

I already had one or two, but none that I made up for that sole purpose. But being submissive I didn't want to make someone that was always in control. Instead, I wanted my character to be a 'victim' that constantly finds her self in some sort of forced fem situation.

I let the idea stew for a bit while I searched for pics on possible models for the character. No such luck.. But Talking with Smitty and  Simone helped me deiced that whatever I do, the character should be me. SO I hammered out some details and discussed some things with more friends of mine.( SKY'S TG AND OTHER CAPTIONS  Caitlyn's Masks  thoughts of a random transexual  ) 

I can't get into many specifics but I do want to mention that this is the origin story of the character (me) And I will be posting up a new piece of the story each day. I hope you all enjoy it. ^_^

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do you trust me?

 Based on a wonderful role-play, Which I shared with the wonderful Dementia, ( Dee-lusions of Grandeur) Some time back. It was a simple idea, and one of the few times I took complete control over a role play. I enjoyed it thoroughly, even though I normally play the sub or victim. It's nice to give back. ^_^

I intended to make this caption a long time ago, but could never find the right photo set until recently. The rest was just adapting the idea into this caption. Wasn't easy for me since to me I had a lot to live up too. I knew this was a favorites of Dee's and I wanted to make her smile while she was feeling sick.  I hope it did just that, because she has certainly helped me many times when I haven't been feeling well. Thanks Dee, you rock!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hey! so here's one that's just a little late, but I've been keeping up with one or 2 posts recently so I think It's OK. ^_^

here's one I did for playing Petra over at the haven. I enjoyed messing with the layouts, but I wish I could fix the white border problem. I would have cut off that little snipet hanging off of the side if I could.

But, on to the story. I had just made Petra 2 other captions and not mention dozens of others for other members, so I was looking for something new to write about. when you read the caption itself, it's not all that new, but the idea that started it was. I tried to make something based on my own feelings of dealing with (at times) severe OCD.

It did not turn out that way at all how ever. it mostly was just the nervous thoughts of a crossdressers first time. It was still a lot of fun to do, but not what I originally intended. I just wasn't sure how to present that condition, and mix it with TG themes. I might give it another go in the future, but I'm still proud of my first attempt. I at least got the nervous obsessive feelings  in the cap. it just became more about getting caught then anything else.

Edit: As Caitlyn pointed out, the cap shows a very rapid thought process and jumping to conclusions one right after another. When I went to look over the cap after I was finished, all of her fears, her nervous feelings, etc. they all seemed perfectly natural and reasonable fears. Not all of my obsessive thoughts are unrealistic, but most of the time they have no reason to worry me. in the caption though, she does have reasons to worry about these things.

so I guess that's why I thought the cap didn't work exactly as I hoped. But since the rapid thoughts and fast train of thought still came through, I can say this was actually a success. it just showed part of what OCD is like, not all of it. which, I'm still unsure of how to implement it into a caption.

Re-edit! Kira, Aka XtremeCSSA over at the haven has graciously fixed the border problem I had with Comic life. Thank you so much!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This was a very unique caption, I went into it with a basic premise. She was a cross dresser that had been caught by someone she knows, and ends up as his personal sectary.

But instead of just writing out the dialog like usual, I wrote it out to the rhythm of the song Requiem for a dream. In particular I listened to this version from 1:26 to 1:41 in the video.

It was a strange idea, but I was very happy with how it turned out. And I've done it a couple of time's, and some other people have too, but you can read the cap to the beat of the high violins. hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Samantha, who runs the lovely Transformative honey moon's that can be found in the blog ticker tape to the left of this post, has made me my frist caption that I know of, that use's one of my little Universe's. Awesome! *giggle*

Thank you again Samantha, I can just picture the story's I have to tell. and maybe a few about you too..

I'm hoping it's this cap! But, I'm guessing the answer will always be the same. just like this cap! *giggle*

This is the other caption I had mentioned that featured a sissy from pink bottoms. What they both have in common is, of course sissy's, but the fact they sell them off after graduation.

just  Like poor Trisha Sweet lips in the last one.*grin*

P.S. Steffie's full sissy name is Steffie tease.