Tuesday, January 11, 2011

that answers that question

hey! so here's one that's just a little late, but I've been keeping up with one or 2 posts recently so I think It's OK. ^_^

here's one I did for playing Petra over at the haven. I enjoyed messing with the layouts, but I wish I could fix the white border problem. I would have cut off that little snipet hanging off of the side if I could.

But, on to the story. I had just made Petra 2 other captions and not mention dozens of others for other members, so I was looking for something new to write about. when you read the caption itself, it's not all that new, but the idea that started it was. I tried to make something based on my own feelings of dealing with (at times) severe OCD.

It did not turn out that way at all how ever. it mostly was just the nervous thoughts of a crossdressers first time. It was still a lot of fun to do, but not what I originally intended. I just wasn't sure how to present that condition, and mix it with TG themes. I might give it another go in the future, but I'm still proud of my first attempt. I at least got the nervous obsessive feelings  in the cap. it just became more about getting caught then anything else.

Edit: As Caitlyn pointed out, the cap shows a very rapid thought process and jumping to conclusions one right after another. When I went to look over the cap after I was finished, all of her fears, her nervous feelings, etc. they all seemed perfectly natural and reasonable fears. Not all of my obsessive thoughts are unrealistic, but most of the time they have no reason to worry me. in the caption though, she does have reasons to worry about these things.

so I guess that's why I thought the cap didn't work exactly as I hoped. But since the rapid thoughts and fast train of thought still came through, I can say this was actually a success. it just showed part of what OCD is like, not all of it. which, I'm still unsure of how to implement it into a caption.

Re-edit! Kira, Aka XtremeCSSA over at the haven has graciously fixed the border problem I had with Comic life. Thank you so much!


Caitlyn Masked said...


Like I said on the Haven... great cap! The line "How am I going to look Jeremy in the eye Monday morning" still gets me!

I didn't realize that this was based on your feelings of OCD. Now that you mention it, I can see a bit of that. I'll be honest.. I'm not the most well read person when it comes to OCD, but that rapid, fast thought process is what I associate with the condition.

Jennifer said...

that came across? YAY! heh, guess I got it better then I thought. maybe it's because it seems so much stronger to me, is why I thought it didn't work out that well. but yeah, the rapid fast obsessive thoughts is exactly it. Thanks!

venatus said...

ohh a delicious cap ;) and yeah the rapid thought process does come across, the cap gives the impression all of this is happening in a short moment.

Samantha said...

I read it I felt some of her fears were
reasonable and some weren't, so that
actually works quite well, now if you
had said you were creating sublimal messages
to get girls like me to eat more fruit, I would
have said you were a freaking genius, because I really do have a strong urge right now to go upstairs and eat a bannana
right now. Excuse me.

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