Monday, January 31, 2011

A little further down the Rabbit hole and Jennifer is a little worried about facing her unusual and dark Fantasy's.

I never would really want to be kidnapped and sold off on a slave market. but it's a Fantasy I have listed among other dark Fantasy's In my trade folder on the haven. And if you found your self here at my blog, you probably share a couple of my dark Fantasy's as well. SO I think It's safe to assume you can all understand (or at least get it) where I'm coming from when I say, it's just fantasy's. At best you write up a story or role play it. Not wish for it. But poor little Jennifer might have to do more then just that...

Hope you all enjoy today's post. ^_^


venatus said...

lovely top. and also very nice angle, the danger being caused by your own fantasies.

smitty said...

Great way to introduce the coming story arcs. Dark, sexy, and more than a little meta. Great tastes that go great together.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Jennifer, sharing many of your same fantasies in the same way (mental fantasies that I don't want to participate in the physical world), I think I can say that this single cap sent quite a tingle down my spine. Just taking a second and thinking of my caps... my fantasies. And then thinking of having to REALLY experience them....


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