Friday, January 21, 2011

Confusing Start for Jennifer

Hey everyone! I have a brand new caption today and it's the start of an on going story that I hope everyone will enjoy. ^_^ Chatting with many other caption authors over the years I've learned that many of them have recurring characters in their stories.

Mostly themselves and they are in a dom role or antagonist in some way. Recently I've been talking with smitty and simone (Smitty's TG Caps Modern Goddess: The Shrine of Decadence ) about their work and my own. Smitty gave the suggestion that I should make my own Character that I can use in upcoming captions. I loved the idea!

I already had one or two, but none that I made up for that sole purpose. But being submissive I didn't want to make someone that was always in control. Instead, I wanted my character to be a 'victim' that constantly finds her self in some sort of forced fem situation.

I let the idea stew for a bit while I searched for pics on possible models for the character. No such luck.. But Talking with Smitty and  Simone helped me deiced that whatever I do, the character should be me. SO I hammered out some details and discussed some things with more friends of mine.( SKY'S TG AND OTHER CAPTIONS  Caitlyn's Masks  thoughts of a random transexual  ) 

I can't get into many specifics but I do want to mention that this is the origin story of the character (me) And I will be posting up a new piece of the story each day. I hope you all enjoy it. ^_^


smitty said...

I'm excited to see what's next. It's already got an interesting tone. I love the slight notes of humor. " it...crazy check" Sounds exactly like the morbid humor someone would have in such a disorienting situation.

sasha said...

That was confusing. :) Good job.

Dee Mentia said...

Great start .. and nothing wrong with making captions for yourself!

Probably one of your best layouts as well. Just show the basics, and you can expand the view of your body in the caption as you learn new things about the situation you are in.

Like, maybe in the next one you just show the chin, slender neck with earrings hanging down .. and gain a tiny bit more knowledge of what is going on.

Caitlyn Masked said...


Wonderful job. Even taking out what i think you have planned for this, it stand up on its own two feet as a stand alone cap. Mysterious, questioning, funny... just great!

Jennifer said...

I do gain more knowledge in the next one, but There's a couple of twists in whats going on. The origin story here is as much the origin of the world to the reader and how it works, as it is the origin of Jennifer ending up there.

@ everyone: I have the next one already to post and I want to thank you all for the kind comments. ^_^

venatus said...

excelent start, very intriuging.

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