Saturday, January 22, 2011

At least your not dead

So far the story has been very well received and I've been really happy with how it's progressed. I have quite a few ideas in mind for the future of poor lost Jennifer, But in the mean time it looks like all hope isn't lost just yet!

I would talk more about the creation of the caps already posted and just add some fun commentary, But I would be spoiling a very new story so I can't do that here in the main body of the post. Maybe I can start in the comments section.. hmm..

P.S. I would take these Ruby lips over ruby slippers any day!


XF said...

These are great!I love the story and your picture selection! Where did you find them? I'm looking forward to the next installment!

sasha said...

Nice plot.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Wonderful pacing Jennifer!! I am holding my breath hoping to learn more only to find out that while you answer one question, you ask two more!

I can't wait till the next installment!

venatus said...

nice one, slowly loosing your grip on reality I see.

smitty said...

Do I detect hints of a meta story? I get chills just thinking about it.

Samantha said...

A graphic novel by Jennifer, well
this will be fun. I picture HAL,
the crazy computer in the movie
2001 being the gatekeeper to an
Alice in Wonderland World that leads
eventually to Jeremy's total
feminization, but HAL is really
Jeremy, so that ultimately Jeremy
must meet Jennifer. But I don't
know where you're actually going
to go with this, I'll just have to
wait and see.

Jennifer said...

@ everyone: Thanks for the wonderful comments once again, I'm reading each and every one and it's just really keeping me going. ^_^ I check and re-check the whole time I'm capping this story, each comment and view brings a smile to my face. you guys rock!

@ Xf: I find the pictures at model mayhem. I take no responsibility for the models work, or the photographers. I just love it! and glad you liked the little story I have going so far.

@ Samantha: That's a very interesting thought and I bet would make an awesome story! but It's not really what I'm doing with mine, so it's still a surprise for everyone!

Dee Mentia said...

One of the things I have noticed about this series, is that giving only one caption per day or two probably makes the caption better.

It is like 24 or Lost where you want to make sure you tune in, AND since the captions are bite sized pieces, I find it easier to follow.

Truth be told, I have no idea how many captions you are doing for this, but I might not even have attempted it if I saw say 15 captions in a row.

I echo Smitty's "meta" comment, and I had given you my thoughts and opinion the other night. Definitely would be interesting to see you traipsing through some of your old captions. It'd be interesting to see how what we created for you helped shape the "YOU" that you are in this caption series.

Having said that though, do not be tempted to listen to us at all. We are all bad influences!

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