Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Samantha, who runs the lovely Transformative honey moon's that can be found in the blog ticker tape to the left of this post, has made me my frist caption that I know of, that use's one of my little Universe's. Awesome! *giggle*

Thank you again Samantha, I can just picture the story's I have to tell. and maybe a few about you too..


Samantha1 said...

(Blush) Me?
What stories about me?
I'm a good girl!
Everybody says so.
Maybe I should actually read the book,
and not just look at the pictures of
all the cute guys, huh?

Jennifer said...

yes, well all the girls who leave pink bottoms is a "good girl". but that's a very different meaning then what your probably thinking. *giggle*

Samantha1 said...

Hey wait a minute.
How come pictures of my boyfriends
are in your book? Shouldn't your
book be full of pictures of your
Jennifer, is there something
we need to talk about?

Jennifer said...

Oh Samantha.. you should know by now that your boyfriends are just my secret lovers. whats a quick fling between friends?

besides, I do the stuff you might not be ready to try yet. *giggle*

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