Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey Beautiful!

Anyone that knows me well enough should know that any caption That I have ever done for my self or thought about doing for my self,  at some point I thought about using Mila kunis As the girl I would become in the story. I've only ever made 3 caps for my self really, (and one of those was a tribute to another caption artist staring me.) And of those 3, only one featured Mila. (it was my attempt at a magazine cover.) Even though I wished I could have used her for all 3.

My point? You should have known I would end up as Mila at some point in this story. ^_^ my friend Sasha (TG captions, comics, images and stories.) Is waiting for me to suck cock at some point, But she should have been waiting for this first, because anything like that is a way's off.

I loved this Picture of Mila sooo much that I even asked my friend  Smitty (Smitty's TG Caps) To cap it for me despite the fact I was going to use it in this story as well. Just look at her expression, it's perfect for a number of TG storys! I would post the link to the caption, but I hope to see it on Smitty's blog some time down the line and maybe even as a guest cap here. :D The caption Deserves a better presentation then just a link in a blog post.

Oh yeah, Thanks for the caps Smitty! loved em!


venatus said...

ohhh, nice direction, shaping the world around you in your sexy state.

Caitlyn Masked said...


I just knew Mila would make an appearance! I'm happy to see that the changes will continue. Can't wait to see what Jennifer becomes next!

smitty said...

Every cap adds a new layer of intrigue without feeling like it's holding too much back. You are literally creating your universe before us.

Oh and don't worry, the caps will all go on my blog as one post when they're done.

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