Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I know! I know.. It's been a while! But as you can see, I do have something to show for it! A brand new 17 part caption that I believe, will push some of yall's buttons so hard they get stuck. This one was made for Brandi over at the haven, but the idea of making it a genie themed caption, was because of this Question right here.

will you do a cpation involving a genie?? please????

How could I say no? I like Wish/genie caps, but I have never done that many. Heck, I can't even think of one genie caption I HAVE made. SO, It felt as good as time as any. ^_^ I hope you all enjoy it, I really put a lot of work into it. (Still need to fix up typo's and such, but I'm way excited to be finished!)

Read on after the cap's to see answer's for your questions!

UPDATE: I added two new pages and fixed some errors. I will also be fixing typo's and the few repeated test boxes. I'm working on something else right along side this, so I hope you can all bare with me. ^_^