Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What do you wish for?

I know! I know.. It's been a while! But as you can see, I do have something to show for it! A brand new 17 part caption that I believe, will push some of yall's buttons so hard they get stuck. This one was made for Brandi over at the haven, but the idea of making it a genie themed caption, was because of this Question right here.

will you do a cpation involving a genie?? please????

How could I say no? I like Wish/genie caps, but I have never done that many. Heck, I can't even think of one genie caption I HAVE made. SO, It felt as good as time as any. ^_^ I hope you all enjoy it, I really put a lot of work into it. (Still need to fix up typo's and such, but I'm way excited to be finished!)

Read on after the cap's to see answer's for your questions!

UPDATE: I added two new pages and fixed some errors. I will also be fixing typo's and the few repeated test boxes. I'm working on something else right along side this, so I hope you can all bare with me. ^_^

Do you have a gamertag on xbox live?

Actually, I do, I also have one on the PS3. But I'm Afraid that My brother's share my account's, and they know nothing about my TG interests.

how do i become a girl

how do boys turn into girls

I believe these were both from the same person. But even if they aren't, they are close enough that I will answer both of them at the same time. First, how do you become a girl? Well, there's only one way to do that for real, and that's to start hormone therapy and undergo sexual reassignment surgery. Or, SRS for short. But, first you have to know for sure that this is what you want and that you will be happy once you do.

I would recommend seeing a therapist that deal's Gender identity issues, not because you need to seek help because it's wrong, (It's not) But because it's highly recommended and is also the only way to legally change your sex. Now, there's a lot more to it, but there are plenty of sites out there that can help you with this information. I will update this post and provide links for you and I wish you the best!

Now for the not so serious answer.. If you are asking ME, how I turn boy's into girl's, well, anyway my twisted mind can think of. ^_^

Do you have a email people can write you at whom wish to remain anonymous from readers but whom have a answer to something asked by a member on your blog?

I do have a Email, but you can also ask questions anonymously through my formspring account. I haven't posted my Email here for a couple of reasons, but, i've seen some other caption writer's do it and they seem to be doing ok with it. So, Jenniferswallows19@yahoo.com

i would love to become a sissy girl

Wouldn't we all! But Sadly, I can only make that fantasy come true in captions. I hope that they help satisfy that need, if for only a little while. ^_^


Mistress Simone said...

Yikes! so many panels! I will see if I can slog thru all of it. . . but it's going to make my head spin!!! However, I can't complain about the choice in images. . . mmmmm. Just giving you a quick hello, doll. Perhaps next time I'll give you a good spanking

Caitlyn Masked said...

Whoa.... if that's what happens when you can't cap for awhile, then I hate to say it, but I hope you can't cap again for awhile. It's like a dam was built up and this series broke through! Great Series Jennifer! Bravo!

Caitlyn Masked said...

I really like those two added panels Jennifer. I think they add a lot to the story, and set up the 'bully' scene really well.

femslut21 said...

Excellent. Really well done and sexy.

Ginger said...

Damn Jennifer, that was a marathon... but a hell of a marathon, and very sexy and slutty! good job!

Anonymous said...

wow nice story!
Does this will be continued?

Jennifer said...

@ Anonymous

I Probably won't be continuing anyone's story from this caption, but I might do more with the same setting. You know, genie and the lamp.

I enjoyed approaching it a little more seriously, instead of campy fun like some make a wish tales. though those can be fun too. ^_^

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