Sunday, January 23, 2011

scatter brained and blinded

 Jennifer may be getting a grip on her thoughts but that may not be enough to make her way out of the darkness she has found her self in. Perhaps she hit her head on the way down?

I've noticed some speculation in the comments and.. I'm completely elated about that! That says I am making this story captivating enough for the few minutes you visit and read it and Just.. yay! Very happy about that, I just wish I could share them all with you. But As Dee pointed out, posting them once a day like this is sparking more interest then just throwing them all up at once. (thanks to Ashley for the Suggestion! ) I'll try my best to avoid 'jumping the shark'. But who knows what poor lost Jennifer will have to do to find her way out.  :D

Woo! I'm up to part 8 in case anyone is keeping score with what I've already wrote up.  ^_^


Caitlyn Masked said...


Another fine addition! Again you answer one question only to ask a few more! I am loving this. And I now love the different look for each cap. At first it was a little disconcerting.. but I should have known that you were doing that on purpose.

I promise not to doubt you again!

venatus said...

nice addition, I love were this is going.

smitty said...

I love the interplay between her and the mysterious voice. Although I'm not so sure she can trust it to give good advice.

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlyn I'm so happy you have loved how the story has played out. I try to keep some new question coming in, or an old one being answered in each one. And yes I did mean to use the lay out to help convey how confused and disconcerting this is all is for her.

@ Venatus Thank you! Glad your looking forward to My little trip. ^_^

@ Smitty I don't want to spoil anything by answering yes or no. but, I do love the interplay between the voices as well. as soon as I put it in part 2 and wrote up the next two in the series, I could see a lot of possibility's with the added voice. It's allows for a lot of story telling and character development with out changing up the original idea for this at all.

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