Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More rules? Well don't worry to much, Because the first story arc is almost finished! Hope you are all still with me! you are? YAY! ^_^

Not exactly spoilers below, but If you have read the caps leading up to this moment then you are safe to continue.

I believe all of these rules and the character development will give me a lot to work with in the future. Jennifer's ability to craft the world around her and her self image is a great example of that. I can use just about any set of photo's there is, as long as it will fit into the story.

Yesterday's post made me a little nervous, it's one thing to mess around with fantasy's that will remain fantasy's. But when I started this story I didn't think I would get so personal, but if the idea is that Jennifer can move through fantasy worlds She (me) has created, then of course the fantasy's she would hope to make real would also be fair game.

I have my reasons for putting it in the story. For one, It's a story being made for me, so I've tried to fit in everything I enjoy in TG caps. And two, I can't make a victim and keep her in awful situations with out a little breathing room now and again. Hopefully it will all mesh together well enough to keep this story going for a long while. ^_^


Caitlyn Masked said...


I didn't think confidence and apprehension could be written together like that and not sound completely fake. The confidence that Jennifer has in controlling herself and her current world, tied with the apprehension of still getting lost into a fantasy gone wrong... well that is pretty deep and is not easy to pull off.

Great cap!

smitty said...

@ caitlyn. Agreed. Real people are complex and have conflicting emotions. It's nice to see it play out in the series so far.

And I wonder if you might be playing with our expectations as well. One of the fun things about making rules is waiting for the audience to get settled in and then breaking them.

venatus said...

agreed, also great use of the dungeon master/adam (mythbuster) line for a title, one of the few times that line makes sense.

sasha said...

What you need is a token so you know a world is imaginary that way you will never get lost in it. ;-) Watch the movie "Inception" if you haven't. Great movie.

Interesting that your cap is similar to that movie, that Caitlyn mentioned the movie recently in her blog, and that I also made a cap referencing that movie.

Now, don't get your bitch juices up. I'm not saying that your cap is inspired by that movie or anything. I'm just making an observation, slut. :-)

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