Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can I trust you?

Maybe that should be, Can I trust you to answer questions? Because I also have a few questions to reply to as well as the new caption for today. YAY!!!

So, Let's get to the caption first. I did this one for Jillisa at the haven, a wonderfully sweet girl that is very submissive, So I had a blast writing up a few captions for her and making her into a pet girl. The opening here is very simple, I'm still not sure how I feel about the 'showed me proof ' line. Seems a little corny that I only touched on that subject instead of playing it up.  but I really wanted to focus on one thing any way. What if you did have a chance to live out a fantasy?

 An old favorite of mine, the magical collar, provided that chance and then I just had to write up the conversation Jillisa and Jeremy would have. There was only so much that little collar could do to help her out with being Slave, She needed someone to take control. I don't think I know anyone in real life that I could trust that much to give them full control over my life like that, but it worked for jillisa in the caption.  It's one of my sweeter/willing captions and I think it shows that not all submission/slave caps have to be dark and forced.

And now onto the Questions!

(how'd you get to be so awesome/talented) 
Just am. 

No, I'm joking! *giggle* I have to say this question left me a little stunned, I really enjoy making my captions and running this blog, it's all lots of fun and I couldn't dream of doing something else as a hobby. This is a little hard to answer with out sounding like I have a giant ego, or that I have no confidence in my work. I've been very proud for quite a few captions I've done over the years, but I also have made a few that didn't turn out like I hoped. Sometimes It's my fault and sometimes I couldn't find the right set of photos to work with my idea. If I had to pin point it, It's just that I enjoy making them. I've been challenging my self a lot lately and I think it's really helped me grow as a caption artist.

I owe a lot to my friend's for that, back when I first started captions I just did my work on my own and no one else wanted to discuss the craft. Even a few of those older caption artists I knew, still won't share their own experiences and I think that's a real shame. It's helped me a lot hearing how someone else would have used this picture or what they did for one of their own captions. Dee at  (Dee-lusions of Grandeur)
Is one of the first caption artists I knew that loved to discuss the craft and has even made a blog dedicated to it. Although, she wasn't the first person to discuss it with me and she never really talked captions with me like she did with others. (before her blog that is. ) No, It was Sasha  (TG captions, comics, images and stories.)
that first challenged me and discussed making captions. I made quite a few caps for her and I did some things I always wanted to try, but never felt I could pull off. They are now some of my favorite captions I've done.

So I guess my answer is, I enjoy making them. Boy, That was a long winded speech for such a simple answer. Is there time for one more question? 

(What are we?)
Human I think. ^_^


venatus said...

ohh, I think I love that collar, the more I see it. and I can empathize, if I had something like that I'd eventually need to give someone else ownership to.

Xavier/ChloƩ/Hitomi said...

Nice Works, i like it, i want to thank you, by the statistics a lot of people visiting your blog and go after see mine, may be you too, for all that thanks, see you soon, here in my blog or in Rachel Haven, bye

Caitlyn Masked said...

First off... what a great cap! I love that photo and can't imagine a better story to go with it. If I ever found such a collar I would like to say that I would give you the leash, but in all honesty I would probably just give you the collar!

Second, I too love hearing about the craft. Wandering about all these blogs, I always wondered "Is that what they had in mind when they started? Do they edit as much as me? Why didn't they go in this or that direction?". There were a few small conversations on the Haven, but I was never close enough to anyone to come out and ask about it. Now that I see more artists talking about their caps... well I'm just happy to know all of you and read not only your great caps, but the great processes you all go through!

Oh... and reading about Sasha's adventures in cross dressing. Thats not informative, its just hot!.

Dee Mentia said...

Nice to see you answering your own questions now in your blog LOL J/K

Well, I am not sure there is anyone more submissive than Jillisa. Perhaps Alexia would be in that conversation, but I might actually have to go with Jillisa because Alexia can try to "top from the bottom" so to speak. TMI probably but it needs to be said!

I've noticed that most of the magical collars are leather, wonder why that is? You'd think that if it was magic, it could be made of something more delicate like lace or satin. Less chafing that way.

Jennifer said...

@ dee

Jealous? :P

I'm a little curious as to who sent it. I hope I answered it well enough.

Hmm, I would like to throw my hat in for the most submissive. *giggle* Although, I can't deny, I have dommed a few times. But I always enjoy making someone else happy, and well.. I know a thing or two about what a sub likes.

This collar I'm using in the story has been featured in a few other captions of mine. I think of it as a magical artifact that's just one of many, that's meant to enslave. So as long as it's a collar I could make it lace, metal, or leather.

Mistress Simone said...

Clever caption story! I'm impressed with it

Jennifer said...

@ caitlyn

*blush* I would gladly take the least or the collar. I'm sure I know a little something on how to push your buttons. ;)

And ever since the blogs started to really take off It's helped me in a lot of ways with how I approach my captions. I've had this blog for almost 3 years now and it's great to have more people from the haven sign up and comment. And even better when they make their own blog!

And yes it's very hot! I tell the slut how jealous I am of her all the time! *grumble* But she can be a big enough internet harlot for the both of us. *giggle*

sasha said...

The best part of the answer to your anonymous question was that you mentioned me. *lol* I didn't know I was the first one to get your ass into shape. By the time I met you I thought you had been around the block several times, you know? I guess they all just used you for your caps and never really challenged you.

The one thing I noticed was that your caps have gotten better with the layout and your dialog style has gotten sharper. Not a lot of people do it as well as you do.

If you like challenges, then your next step should be to start using photoshop.

@caitlyn, perv!! ;-)

Jennifer said...

@ Chloe:

I'm happy to hear that! ^_^ I have gotten some views from your site, thank you! ^_^

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