Thursday, May 19, 2011

On her way

So sorry that I haven't been updating recently. But I've been busy at the haven  and also trying to troubleshoot my laptop.. Not to mention personal issues that come up and the free time I do have going to creating new captions for everyone.  ^_^

But I have what is basically a Blog exclusive for everyone today. I didn't feel right about posting it to the haven, so I gave it to Misschinagirl in private. You can read the cap and find out why, or join me after the break and keep reading.

Little warning, the method of transformation is.. a little brutal when you think about it. I also have a Question to answer! YAY!

So Misschinagirl had mentioned to me in chat, (and I think it's in her prefs) that she liked the idea of having hedge clippers being the method of change. Of course it's a little unrealistic, but most things in a TG caption are. At the time I was in the mood to get a little mean, so it sounded perfect. I had just made her P.S.B.M Which was also very dark and painful and It had gone over pretty well, so I was ready to dish out a little more pain.

As I said then, she likes being changed into a Asian girl in the most painful way possible and is destined to mother dozens of children in her new life. I didn't focus on the clippers as much I had planed too, but I think I got the point across that it wasn't a pleasant experience for her. The image that it might conjure in your mind would be pretty extreme, so that's why I kept it away from the haven. The way her captor is teasing and taunting her is my favorite part of the whole story, I tried to strike a balance between the violent transformation and her new life. I think I did an ok job with it. ^_^

(What is the most naughty thing you have written in a cap? and the nicest thing? And the most silly?)

The most naughty? I'm not sure what the naughtiest thing is, I guess it depends on your limits on that sort of stuff. In one Caption I gave a girl a sore and scratchy throat because of the not so gentle skull fucking she was forced to endure. In another caption, I had one girl fall asleep while crossdressing, only to be rudely woken up when a friend of her's came on her pantie covered ass.  And finally, in another one I had a girl chug down ice cold cum.

The nicest thing I've ever writing would have to go to a pregnant caption I made here while back. I surprised a lot of people with how sweet and heartwarming the story was.  ^_^

And finally the most silly.. I've made a few funny caps over the years, but the most silly would have to be  Blending in. I was making a few captions for Courtney and had to work around her No nudity pref. So I added some stars over her nipples and gave her a talking bunny sidekick. *giggle*


Alectra said...

"Giggle" when i think you couldn't get more dirtier you throw those lines in here, now that is creepy nasty ^o^ for the sweet one, well preggos are ok but not my alley and for the silly, we all know Courtney is a bit silly, we need to corrupt her a little and forget about bunnies, maybe puppies are in order? "giggle"

And well since you say talking sparks ideas i have one for you apart from that ouh so lovely i will do to you for free (which i think is something i didn't tried it before or someone else, a cap inside a cap, to be more precise a backstory and the story so the last one can be read withouth problem but if you read the backstory it will be much funnier ^-^ ) but that's to much giving away "giggle"...

And for the cap, it's creepy but the pic doesn't tell you it's that creepy is a trap i tell you "giggle" , i don't think you can be castrated like that "giggle" but oh well imagination... "mumble"...yeah uhmmm "imagination" >.>...

Hope you won the battle against the virus, which will bring another idea in the meantime "giggle" now how many pov images of chicks looking at their computers are out there?, uhmmmm I wonder..."mumble"...yeah I "wonder"... (ughhh I'm starting to write like a sage lets cut to the pretty short for now "giggle").
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

P.S: And don't forget to comment on my blog ^-^

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