Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It never does

I made this one for the vivacious Mistress Simone a few months back. I normally only ever caption her Mistress personality, mostly because when I think of Simone, I think of Mistress Simone the goddess. ^_^ But, I had really wanted to play around with her other personalty's as well. In this case, the submissive Chloe.

Click the title of the post if you want to hear me ramble on some more.^_^

The picture for this one, (like most of my captions) gave me the idea for the story and what I wanted to do with it.  Ok, so it's a simple plot but I do really enjoy it regardless. It's straight and to the point and helps to push some buttons for those that are into this sort of thing.

I think if I had more then just the one picture, I could have dragged this scene out a little more. Maybe have Chloe and her friend discuss things first, slowly convincing her to taste the elixir. Even have fond memory's, old arguments, and just good times they each shared together come up during the course of the cap.  Try and re-convince Chloe that her friend is still her friend and that he wouldn't do anything to really upset that, he's just playing around with her and things will go back to normal if she just plays along. (Not true of course)

Because I think if this cap fall's apart at any time it's how fast he was able to get her to taste the elixir.  After being tied up and turned into a girl, I think it would probably take hours of convincing (if not days)  for her friend to get her to taste it. But I only had the one picture so I boiled it down to the key points I wanted to play around with.

I also would have liked to have gave Chloe the upper hand in the end because I know Simone enjoys that. I think the way the story is set up, I could have done that pretty easily. She just needed to get her hands on more of the elixir or what ever it was that taught her friend the spells in the first place. But I could only do so much with the one picture. And for what it is, I like it. ^_^


Alectra said...

First of all the sky isn't the limit anymore ^-^
You can go nuts with a pic Jennifer...
Now onto the cap:

Loved that expression on Chloe... so unruly eyes... ^o^, this could have worked too, check:

So do you want to take a sip to this delicious tea?
No, what are you trying to do to me?

Ouh just, trying to subdue you, here take only sip...

Not doing until you do, i want to see it's really not poisoned.

(Obviously the captor is stupid and takes a sip).

See nothing wrong, ughhh, what wrong with me?.

Ouh nothing, you see you have been stupid enough to take a sip of your subduing tea, now untie me slave, i'm a little uncomfortable in this position...

As you wish mistress.

Just a humble different trying on your great cap Jennifer, hope you don't mind :3

You already know that Simone likes to win, so that could have another ending ^-^ a little crazy i know but another ending afterall...

Dee Mentia said...

As far as Chloe getting the upper hand, THAT is what sequels are for, right? Just keep the same color schemes you used here with a different picture and I'm sure you'll come up with something that is truly ACES!

Caitlyn Masked said...

I like the cap as is. Of course I don't like subs getting the upper hand, so that may sway me a bit. But I think the argument went just the right amount of time. You established they were friends, so there is already a trusting bond. Lets face it... if anyone can screw anyone over, its a close friend.

venatus said...

ah I remember this one, very sweet, and knowing how it will end does manage to make it a bit sweeter to see her cave in that first time.

Betty said...

What a delicious cap. Love the slow seduction, and then the realization of how far she has gone.

Jennifer said...

@ alectra

I like the idea you have there and don't mind the suggestion at all, But I think it would change the tone of the cap a bit. It does give Simone the upper hand though.

@ Dee

True, and with a new caption a lot could have changed from this cap, and to the other one. That way i could explain away any slight differences in the model's as just the passing of time. I've done that before.

@ Caitlyn
Being a sub my self, I don't like to get the upper hand in a caption either. But I had wanted to make something enjoyable for Simone, so it was possibly one thing I could have done to hit her prefs a little closer to home.

I'm glad you enjoyed the argument, and I do like the caption. I just felt that after the shock of being turned into a girl and tied up on the cabinet, it may have shaked his faith in his friend a little.

Of course, all I would be doing to make it seem more real is establish how close they are anyway, I guess this way it's sort of like an unspoken trust mark had for his friend. Too bad power corrupts absolutely.

@ Venatus

I didn't think about it being sweet in a way. After she's finished with the elixir, it won't matter if she didn't want to be his slave or not. it will make her happy in the end to serve him.

@ Betty

Very happy to hear you enjoyed this caption. And very pleased to hear you thought it was a slow seduction I guess I did get that across in the story. ^_^ Thank you!

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