Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey everyone! A totally Brand new caption today, very excited to be saying that again! ^_^ I do have to warn you, this isn't a male to female cap, It's the other way around. But, i think it's a good story with a nice lay out, and plenty of humiliation. :D

Before I talk about the caption, I have a couple of questions from from Formspring, yay!

(can you tell me who i am in past life)
Well, if your asking me if  i can make a caption about that, then yes! Today's caption is sort like that! But I don't have my crystal ball with me, so I can't help you out for real. *giggle*

(i want to feel like women what to do)
I can only make you feel like that in a story or fantasy Sweetie, I wish I could do it for real. But if you really want to feel like a woman, then i would get in touch with a Gender therapist and consult with some professional's. Rebecca Molay's Site has a good resource of links for this sort of information. But I can help out in a make believe sort of way. ^_^

And now on to today's caption!

I spent a few days on this one, went through a few drafts to get it just right and down to the specific requests from Vancouverite over at the haven. She had a different, but exciting Suggestion for a TG caption. I felt like I could do it and also help try and break my writer's block. First let's look at what was Requested, if you haven't read the cap then please do, so you don't spoil anything.

What I Want

I want a caption that tells me three key pieces of information:
1.  Who was I before I was cursed?
2.  Why did the witch put a curse on me?  Was it something I did to her?  Describe the incident and my reaction / feelings (shock, anger, horror) toward what she is going to do to me.
3.  What was her reasoning behind adding these traits to me as a male (something the female me would not like at all)?
    1.  An interest in science fiction TV shows (Star Trek: TNG, Stargate SG-1, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, etc.)
    2.  Attraction to women, particularly females that are short, have a pretty face, and have some healthy curves (boobs, small waist, hips, booty). As a male, I find it difficult to not stare at cleavage.  I have had very little romantic success with this type of woman (i.e. they are out of my league).
    3.  Small penis (feel free to throw in some light small penis humiliation)
    4.  Not very tall for a man (5 foot 7 inches)
 The biggest hurdle i had with this cap was figuring out how to convince Jeff that he used to be a woman. I went into a lot of detail for my first draft and i just could not fit it all into one caption. I also ended up making Jeff as much of a jerk as The witch was. I wanted to make it clear that she deserved to be punished, but not so much that she deserved this cruel of a punishment. I like it when it's not so much an eye for an eye, as it is and eye for and eye, arm and a leg.  I think it makes the humiliation and over all forced nature of the cap stand out much more. But I've rambled on too long already, so here it is, my first draft of the story.
Hey Sweetness! It's been a real long time hasn't it? You don't remember me? Ugh.. no wonder you have to pay girls just to sleep with you! Can't even remember the most important woman in your life! Well, second most important maybe... Confused? Don't worry, just let me fill you in on all of the juicy details. Now maybe your thinking I just got lucky with that paying for sex thing, but isn't it a little too much of a coincidence for some stranger out of the blue to email you about it just days after you broke down and couldn't stand the loneliest anymore? Aww.. poor baby, just wanted too feel the touch of a woman. Surprised she didn't offer to do you for free, not like you could do much for her with what your packing. Right stud?

Ohh... ouch! How would I know about your little dinky pinky as well? Or that you catch old reruns of some dated sci-fi show every night of your life? I mean really, you think your going to really nab a babe with a man clitty and speaking in some strange made up language? Ok, maybe I'm being a little unfair, I have no idea if you can speak Kronan or what ever it is you nerds call it. But i do know that my index finger is bigger then your 3 inch willy. *snicker* I think my thumb is bigger round too.. Too bad all of that is when your hard, almost like you should have been born a chick huh? Do you have to sit to pee to even aim that thing? Guess I should start explaining my self now. After all, i know soo much about you, even more then you know.. Ever wonder why your whole life just feels like some ancestor screwed up in a past life and you got the short end of the stick? (Get it? it's another small penis joke.) Well, that's because  it's true! Well, partly true.. You may have noticed the file attachment, if you haven't already, go on and open her up.

See her? Pretty little thing huh? Kind of girl you would give your right nut for huh? She's just your type too, young, athletic, popular, and a nice rack too. Better then the budding pair of man boobs you have growing there. Ever hear of a gym? Yeah, you need one. No girl, especially one like her, will ever give you the time of day. Trust me.. I know what I'm talking about.  Let me tell you, this girl looks like a goddess, but she's a real bitch. The kind of girl that you have no idea how she even has any friends, much less keep them around. But she did, she had dozens. Maybe it was just that fake smile you could throw them. Opps.. I guess I spoiled the surprise.. Yep, Give her a good look, something about her eyes are a little haunting aren't they? Maybe familiar? Don't worry, it will all start sinking in. If your still reading this Email, then i think you already know that I'm telling the truth.

It all started 25 years ago, Back when things were good, back when you had the world in your pocket. You could crack a joke and no matter how corny it was, everyone would laugh and laugh. it was a little sickening to be honest. You were so shallow back then, you looked great on the outside. but on the inside, you just used people. And god forbid if someone beneath you even attempted make friends and just forget about asking you out on a date! Nope, just like your friends they only saw what was on the surface, Never seeing your rotten core. You took one look at a guy and would cut him down before he could say Marry me! Sometimes you would even drag the poor lonely souls along just to hear how great you were, and then once you were done with them you wouldn't answer any of their phone calls. They never even got to wine and dine you, you wouldn't let them get that chummy. but you did accept any gifts or praise, like it was your birthright or something.

You couldn't see that these poor boys were just looking for love. Sure, they were dazzled by your beauty, but they all wanted something more. And you just weren't capable of giving back. All you could ever do was take, take, TAKE! Someone, Anyone! had to put you in your place. You needed to see exactly what it was you were doing to them!  If any of this is sounding familiar, it should. This is the kind of girl you would bend over backwards for, isn't it?  No matter how many times you think you learned your lesson, you reason that your a nice guy, not in shape, not even very tall either. I think that hooker was taller then you even with out her heels. How sad was it when you had to look up into the eyes of the girl you were paying to suck your baby dick? Bet that humiliation is still eating you up.. The price of a little companionship may have been too high for you, that look in that whores eyes haunts you still. Imagine, she's taking money to sleep with you and she felt sorry for you!

Sorry about that sweetie, I got a little off topic. But I am having soo much fun catching up with you! i mean, this is just like old times really. You see, while you are a super nice guy and you aren't that great looking, Little out of shape, a bit of a small fry, and a total dweeb! None of the girls you go for will give you the time of day. And the sad truth is, they never will! Because YOU never would look past any imperfections and so I watched you, I knew what sort of ugly person you were, because unlike your older more attractive self, I can look past whats on the surface and see what really matter's.

Look at the picture again sweetness, See that? That was the last picture that was ever taking of that bitch queen Linda. I told you then that this was your fate, i told you that you would fawn over women just like you, and you would become what you despise most of all. A decent human being. Because despite all off your flaws Jeff, you are a good guy. It's just such a shame that you have to learn Linda's lesson. She hated men like you, men that would give her the moon if she would just look at them. it was all she could do to keep from hurling as she accepted rings, bracelets, and earrings. But she got what she wanted, she got things. She needed things.. and now that's what you are! A thing, just to be used up and abused by women just like Linda.

Don't believe me? Keep staring at that picture, it will come back to you... See you princess!
Almost a completely different story in terms of the how and why, But I worked on it a little more before I finally just rewrote the story into what it is now. The first thing I cut was the out of shape angle, I thought it made the witch more cruel and played on the humiliation of his new life more, but that was not in the original request so I needed to get rid of it. It was still too long though, so I had to also drop even more stuff.

Things like The hooker being taller then he was, all of the boyfriends that she would just use and throw away, And more of the small penis humiliation and convincing. Some stuff I really didn't want to cut, but even after all of that it was still too much to fit into one cap. So, I finally decided to rethink the story and what it was i wanted to do for it. Which was to believably convince Jeff, make it more unfair for him and include everything that was in the original request. I'm really happy with the new version and think I did just that! ^_^ Many others felt the same way too, I got lots of great feedback over at the haven.

And in case you missed it, there's a few Easter egg's in the desktop, so before reading on see if you can find them all! If not, then just read this cheat sheet! There's even some things you can't see, but I did anyway hoping I could put it in the cap.  ^_^

A open page for the battle star galactica Wiki.
A star trek wallpaper in the background.
A google search for male enhancement.
A open page for a search for Petite big breasted women in google image search.
A new E-mail made for this cap titled Valeria curses. Valeria being the name of the witch in the cap.
And I even added the picture as a file attachment, Really hated I had to cut that detail.

Ok, I think that's everything! ^_^ I wish I had seen that the folder for the cap itself was in the back, but I had to send and resend the email 3 times, and I had to take a pic of the desktop about 6 times before I finally finished it. So just having the one mistake isn't that bad considering I guess. Hope you all enjoy it!


smitty said...

Great job on all the "little" details. They really sell the story. I can say I'm not normally into sph, but you made it a part of the over all teasing and humiliation and the feeling of being trapped in a life you never wanted, so it worked really well.

Alectra said...

Uhmm i wonder if we have to get to that point for realism too, but yeah well done Jennifer
I like it very much ^^
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Caitlyn Masked said...

Very cool cap Jennifer. Great way to present it, and the details really do help sell it!

sasha said...

I wonder if you thought of the details on your desktop or they were just random. I love the minimized windows. Is that "Battlestar Galactica" window? That would add to the sci fi mention in the email.

Jennifer said...

@ Sasha
i did think of the details on my desktop. ^_^ Here's a handy cheat sheet!

A open page for the battle star galactica Wiki.
A star trek wallpaper in the background.
A google search for male enhancement.
A open page for a image search for Petite big breasted women in google.
A new E-mail made for this cap titled Valeria curses. Valeria being the name of the witch in the cap.
And I even added the picture as a file attachment, Really hated I had to cut that detail.

@ everyone
Thank you all for the kind words! Feel's good to try something different and have it well received. ^_^

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