Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 One of my older MS Paint captions I did. Not as pretty as my newer stuff, but I think the story makes up for it. There's a few typos in this thing, I noticed them then and I noticed them now.  but unfortunately, Ms paint isn't as forgiving as comic life is. There was no quick and easy edit, I either had to post it as is or redo the whole thing.

I was going to post  Alone with my thoughts
But as it turns out, I already posted that one. I wanted to go over a certain theme in that story, but don't feel right discussing it with out an example caption to go along with it. Who knows, maybe I will revisit some of my older posts one day.

Be warned, this one has a bit of pain to go along with the pleasure. heh, you know, In case you couldn't tell from looking at it..

P.S.B.M. Stands for Pain Slut Baby Machine of course! But you might have guessed that if you read the caption already.

I did this for Misschinagirl over at the haven, she enjoys being turned into an Asian girl in usually the most painful way possible and normally ends up having a ton of kids for her new husband or men in her life.

The pain slut angle sounded like a fun one to try out. I don't get to use many of these nipple clamp pictures, so when it came time to caption Miss Sadjadi, I let it all out!  From her transformation, to the shipping and even well into her future, her new sex slave life is full of birthing baby's, floggings, clamps, and nursing her many many children in between her sexual beatings.

Speaking of clamps and flogs, I can't believe the Sub-shop still has all of their merch 50% off! I could spend a small fortune at that place.. I thought I would mention it in case anyone out there didn't know about the sale. I've ordered from them once before and it was a very discrete and enjoyable purchase. Highly recommended!  ^_^


smitty said...

Wowsers! The story more than makes up for it! I've read a lot of descriptions of transformation, but this is the first I've read that captures the agony and terror that would accompany such a powerful change! And the set up for her new life. "A pain slut baby machine"! Now that's a job title!

I'm always torn on my own older caps. I always like to think I'm improving, but there's also something encouraging about knowing my early caps were still very effective on story alone.

Mistress Simone said...

Intense in a good way I think.

I often look back on older work and see the positives along with the negatives. Pausing to see where you been can help you improve for the future.

Jennifer said...

@ Smitty
I was on a kick for miss china girls prefs at the time, I like a little bit of a pain in my caps when used right. (spanking, clamps, etc.) But her prefs and private discussions lead to this caption here and a couple of others.

And I might see a lot of flaws in my older stuff, but I never thought my storys lacked in the story or idea's. I always found something in them that I did right and still enjoy to this day.

@ Smitty
Thank you Mistress. ^_^ I'm glad you feel that way, it's what I set out to do for the caption way back when. I wanted to make a change that matched and reflected the extreme new life Misschinagirl was asking for.

I like to revisit these caps for my blog now and not only see where I've been, but also in all of the area's I've improved. For one, I don't think I have near as many typos and two, my stuff looks a lot better now. But my style can be still be seen even in these older captions.

Candi Came said...

Fantastic Jennifer, content is always the key to a good caption and this story is wonderful. Also thanks a bunch for mentioning that sale at Sub-shop, I had no idea and managed to finally snag me a latex catsuit for a real good price!

Michella Z said...

This is an AMAZING work of art really. The image itself is incredibly sexy, and the captioning is a beautiful interpretation on that wonderful helpless-lust emotion that's so rare, and soooo erotically powerful.

Jennifer said...

@ Candi Came

yay!! So happy to hear you got to snag something. That place is wonderful and Their sale had been going on so long, I thought I should recommend it to people that might be on the fence with buying from them.

@ Michella z

Thank you Darling! I'm glad you enjoyed that. I try to capture those powerful, almost unheard of or unspoken of feelings and emotions. Stuff that Doesn't really have a name, just a powerful over whelming feeling. Glad you think I captured that!

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