Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Power room break

Yes, it's been a while since I last posted, sorry about the little break there. I did pick out one of my (imo) sexier captions for everybody. SO I hope you like that. ^_^

If you want to hear me ramble on a little more and answer a couple of questions, just click on the title for the post.

This was a fun caption to play around with. once I found this very naughty picture of Bailey I had to caption it. And around that time I was busy repaying Heather69 Over at the haven. I owed her 8 caps, 3 of which were for entering my give-a-way I had going.

So, That let me really branch our and try new stuff.  I started to focus on key points for each one of them, and for Powder room break, I wanted her caught up in the thrill and shame of sneaking off to relief her frustration.

Even though she despised the change, he couldn't help but be aroused by his on girlie body now. I don't think his plan is going to work out in the end, one day one of the teachers is going to catch him and then his new sissy life would really be underway! But what this cap was about, was the guilt and shame of finding so much pleasure in his new sissy life and still trying to bluff his way through the classes.

I thought she was the kind of sissy that looked down on the others that had gave in already, while secretly he wanted to be where they were. The freedom and pleasure would be very tempting, but a huge blow to who his male ego. Of course his thoughts were a little jumpy, slowly turning him self on and then feeling shame about it, then working him self up again and again till finally he got his release.

It was a quickie, but I probably could have taking her character further. It's a shame that I couldn't find more pictures of school girl bailey with more then just her self in the pics.

And I have a couple of screwy questions. ^_^

(yoinks and away) 

"Hold your seats folks, here we go again
My name is Daffy Duck
I work on a merry go round
No job was as swell, I fixed my well
Till the merry go round broke down
The guy who worked with me
Was a horse with a lavender eye
Around we whirled we winked at girls
Till the merry go round broke down
Up and down and round it we spin
The dizzy pace is too much for my head
Now you know why I'm dizzy
And do the things I do
I am a screw and you are too
It's the merry go round broke down
Yes the merry go round broke down"

Hows that Cindy? "Insert daffy duck laugh here."

(Why are you such a cunt? from tgcomix)





(Okay simple question here - How do I set up a My Blog list on my own blog? ) Ok, sorry that I missed this question. If you still need help on this you can check out this link here. It had a video and a step by step how to on adding links to your blog. Hope it helps. ^_^


venatus said...

sweet cap

and I see the daffy is strong in you, not sure I can beat it, but give me time.

Mistress Simone said...

something about how you wrote the caption I really like. The pacing for the mental surrender was handled well. I can feel the frustration in words and everything felt like someone really trying to have a conversation with themselves. The confusion, rationalization, discovery are all present in the writing.

I go love the picture. Bailey is one of the few TG girls I have no issues with using in captions - for myself or others. This particular picture screams for a caption and you gave it what it wants.

XF said...

Wonderfully written caption and a great picture!

Caitlyn Masked said...

Wonderful caption Jennifer.

I think you captured the perfect balance between being turned on by ones transformed self, and the shame associated with it.

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