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Please forgive me for the lack of updates lately, things have been not so good around here and I haven't felt like making a post or many comments. But, the last couple of days I did manage to get a new caption done! Yay! Actually, a new series!

If your here at TG Caps of Defiance, then I'm going to assume you enjoy forced dark tales as much as I do. So I hope this caption touch's those dark naughty places of your minds. I know it did mine!

It's inspired (again) by Smitty's Suckubus Series. It's not going to be for everyone out there, but it really gets to me. Most of the suckubus tales are fun reads with great characters. but the last 3 in his universe have rocked my sick world, So I recommend you give it a shot. If you liked my widow's web caption, you can get a taste of what the series is like and the possibility the universe provides for story telling.

I set out to make a more detailed introduction to the widow suckubus I had created in my single length caption. I put a lot into her character to try and set her apart from the other suckubi's that Smitty had already played around with. Each one had their own style and personalty, and even methods for how they hunted prey. even some that didn't so much as hunt, as they just fed when needed. If you have read the single length caption and the post that went with it, you know what your in for in this series. if not, I'll let the caption speak for it self.

And just a side note on the Jennifer story. I still fully intend to continue on with it, But I don't think I can do it justice with how I'm feeling right now and trying to push out a caption when it dosen't just come easy to me. The series is my pet project and I want to be at my best for it when I do continue. It's a real shame that the last few panels I had been working on got deleted when they did. but I can take that and just learn to make a copy of my series length captions.

Before I move on to the caption, I have a new question from Formspring. ^_^

What drives you to make caps and why do you think it drives you to make caps? from MissAlectra 

Fun question! And today's caption is very appropriate too! ^_^ I started making captions as tribute captions for authors who's work I really enjoyed. Then I got into trades and that's where I really started to get a feel for my style. I like forced, darker, humiliating captions that are unapologetic about the twisted situations featured in them. i know I'm not the only one that enjoys that stuff, but back when I first started, they were very few of them around. Someone would throw in a joke or have the Changed victim in the cap fully embrace the situation they found themselves in, and wound up undoing everything that had lead up to that point and giving it a happy ending. 

 Those endings were jarring and disappointing to me.  I'll admit my tastes aren't everyone's cup of tea, but there are more people out there that enjoy a caption that starts on a dark note and ends on one. I make captions to push people's buttons and I make many that do not follow this particular preference. One of the things that drives me to make these captions, is the days when I would seek out caps just like this and come up empty handed. 

 I'm not saying thats the only kind of caption I enjoy. If I make a cap, I usually like something in it no matter if it's willing or unwilling or even eventually acceptance. But I try to work with the forced theme as much as possible  Because it's not only my top kink in captions, but because I know there's more people out there that possibly will end up disappointed when they go to scratch that itch. it's not really the case now a days, there's plenty of people that produce forced tales almost daily. But at one time there was only a handful of these caps in a sea of willing captions and I do my part to offer something someone like me, will enjoy and read again and again.

Even the name for my blog reflects that. I put in my name because.. well, it's my name. And I put in TG caps because that's what I would put in the search phrase while looking for captions. I wanted to make it easy on anyone that was looking for caps, and it seems to have worked according to the stats on my blog searches. (Most people find my blog by just putting in TG Caps) And finally defiance, because I wanted people to know that more then likely the person in my caps were not going to give in and accept their fate. They were still being forced and they still fought against their captors through out the story. 

On to the long dark series! 


Friedoline said...

Jennifer, this is an absolutely fantastic clip! I hope you won't mind if I use it as an illustration of a story I am going to publish on Friday. It just fits perfectly!
Many thanks in advance and keep up the good work! xxx

smitty said...

Well I'm for one glad that we have such similar tastes. I was so glad to fit so well within the Jennifer Universe and I was even happier to see how well you worked within the Suckubus universe on your single cap.

But this...this would easily top all but my very bast caps, and maybe some of them after a good fight. I look forward to seeing what twisted turns your stories continue to take.

Jennifer said...

@ Friedoline

Please feel Free. ^_^ I don't own the clip or anything, I just look like Mila. (wink) *_^

@ Smitty

I was blown away with how well you captured the Jennifer Story and universe. I'm happy to see that you feel the same about my work for your Suckubus universe. I have more ideas to work with and I think you would be pleased with the end results.

I noticed there is a few similarity's in this caption and your Trisha dorable cap. Maybe I'm looking too hard and just matching stuff up on my own. But I didn't intend to do that and I think even if it was a little bit similar, for the most part it's because they are both suckubus and that I switched some things up enough to make it it's own story.

Caitlyn Masked said...


I am very glad for your tastes. We share a lot of them, and it made me feel better about my own caps when I saw that I wasn't blazing a new trail.

This cap is a great example. Very dark, very evil. I really like the design effect you used. The gradation in the first few caps as we go from happy go lucky to the darkness is great. And the various text boxes and thoughts were very easy to follow who was talking, and who was thinking.

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlyn

I used to feel like the odd duck out when I first started reading captions. But now a days there isn't a shortage of this sort thing and with people like you and Smitty, I don't feel that way at all anymore.

I already said it in my post, but I'm happy to keep it up and show others that they aren't alone in their fantasy's.

Of course, I also am driving to push peoples buttons no matter what sort of caption I make. I love it when I get a caption just right for who ever I'm trading with and rock their world! ^_^

Thank you for the compliments on the layout! (and the very evil/dark comment. *giggle* )I'm not sure what is my favorite new trick I used for it. but the gradation background was a lot of fun and really helped to set the mood for it I think.

Although it did start to slow my pc down by the time I got to page 5. I ended up having to separate this story into 3 comic life files just to continue work on it.

Alectra said...

Ouhh woahhh, Jennifer that was some hot steamy cap, loved the POV view, i never thought when i started reading this that the fucking bimbo slut would turn out as a badass "suckubus", that was rather funny seeing the "gansta" thinking he is in control yet "The Bimbo girl" is the one in control all the time, as for your preferences i have to say that i share some of your tastes it's good to have a not so good ending but i have to say that happily ever after is one of my tastes (even if you agree to stay in a dark tomb with a sexy bitch mistress :3)
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Anonymous said...

what movie is that gif from

Jennifer said...

@ Anonymous

It's from a movie called after sex. Hope you enjoy it. ^_^

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